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Reduce theft and vandalism while improving warehouse security with an IP video surveillance system.

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Video Surveillance for Storage and Warehouse Security

Warehouses and storage facilities are ideal candidates for video surveillance systems. Large facilities spread out over extensive complexes can be challenging to secure. With the help of a carefully placed security camera, warehouse owners and managers can focus on at-risk areas and minimize the threat of theft.

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Benefits of Warehouse Security Cameras

Reduce theft – Implementing warehouse security cameras with visible surveillance will deter theft.

Building security – IP security cameras can make your existing security measures more flexible. Installing warehouse security cameras will allow security guards to perform more patrols and actively protect your building instead of watching monitors for hours on end.

Remote monitoring – Network video recorders (NVRs) allow you to broadcast the footage from your surveillance system over the internet. This is particularly helpful if you manage multiple warehouses or a very large facility. An NVR allows you to check up on any warehouse security camera any time.

Risks of Warehouse Surveillance

Privacy – Protect the privacy of your employees by keeping a warehouse security camera in public places like storage areas and offices, and out of break rooms and bathrooms.

Theft/Vandalism – Cameras can be appealing targets for thieves who do break in. Although it’s rare that a a warehouse security camera will be stolen, a missing camera can cause disruptions or damage to your surveillance system.

Outages – Electrical outages or surges can cause disruptions or damages to your security cameras. Make sure you have an alternative security system to protect your warehouse should you experience problems with your power.

Setup Questions for Warehouse CCTV

Security needs of warehouses and other storage facilities depend on many factors. Consider each of the following when configuring your surveillance system:

  • What do you consider to be your biggest security threat?
  • What do you wish you could have caught on camera in the last year?
  • What kind of materials do you store (e.g. raw materials like lumber or metals, retail products, etc) and how are they arranged?
  • What security measures do you currently have in place?
  • Do you feel that your location contributes to your overall security?

Configuration Advice for Warehouse Security Cameras

  • Place cameras in open areas like warehouse floors
  • Place cameras at all entrances and exits, including your shipping and receiving areas, to record all incoming visitors.
  • Perimeter cameras around the edges can help further secure a warehouse located in an industrial park where theft is common.
  • Place fixed cameras in areas where valuables are stored
  • Cameras in offices and administrative areas can help reduce theft of company records and petty cash.
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