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Virtual guards, also called remote guards, are highly trained professionals who monitor your security system from a remote central station.

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Virtual Guards

Virtual guards, also called remote guards, monitor your security system and watch your surveillance cameras from a central guard station off-site location. The trained professionals used to monitor your security systems won't be on your site but instead monitor remotely, at considerable savings costs to you. Get the benefits of years of security experience at a quarter of the cost of employing traditional guards.

Virtual Security Guards

Although their services come at a lower price than hiring a security guard to walk the perimeter of your business, don't think you are getting a less effective security solution ‐ the guards used to monitor our security tower system solutions are highly trained professionals.

With backgrounds in the military and police force, these specialists are trained to look for criminal intent and perform a live assessment on the best reaction to stop crime. Using speakers attached to your system they can voice down to alert someone they have wandered onto private property, let a trespasser know they have been spotted and security is on its way, and alert criminals that the police have been notified.

Benefits of Remote Guards

The largest benefit of security monitoring services is the ability to monitor the system remotely and still react in real time to events. Remote guards have many advantages:

  • Savings - virtual guards are a quarter the cost of traditional guards
  • Increased Capabilities - the security system they are monitoring can see farther, and better at night, giving them a better view of your site
  • Effectiveness - a trained virtual guard can monitor your entire system compared to multiple guards on the ground

With a trained virtual guard monitoring your security system in real time, you can affordably and effectively secure your business.

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