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Highway truck stops need adequate surveillance coverage to monitor the facility, including the service station, restaurant or diner, & locker rooms.

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Video Surveillance for Truck Stops

Trucking is a vital part of any economy – semi trucks, lorries and giant 18 wheelers, the king of the road, transport goods from place to place, giving consumers the supplies they want and businesses the merchandise they need. For long haul truckers, truck stops are a way of life. They give truck drivers a place to get a bite to eat, a place to take a shower, and an oasis that gives them a chance to take a break, no matter how short, from the monotony of the road. Video surveillance is a great tool for keeping truck stops secure, helping managers and truck drivers protect both the merchandise and property of the truck stop along with the transported goods and belongings of the truckers.

Benefits of Travel Station Security Cameras

Protect building – Security cameras placed strategically around a truck stop can protect the facilities and lot of the truck stop from harm. Trucks, especially those carting valuables like electronics or appliances, are at high risk for theft and violent crime. Security cameras in the truck lot can help deter these crimes and help keep truckers and the truck stop safe.

Protect employees – the physical facilities of the truck stop are also vulnerable to the types of crimes that affect truckers in the parking lot. Video surveillance cameras can help protect buildings, restaurants and bath facilities in truck stops from robberies and other crimes.

Remote viewing – IP video makes it easy for truck stop managers and owners to check up on their security at anytime by transmitting surveillance footage live over the internet.

“Intelligent” Video Analytics – One of the most exciting new developments to come from IP video technology is video analytics. Cameras with analytics capabilities come encoded with special algorithms which allow the camera to independently survey its footage for set behaviors. The addition of video analytics cameras to a truck stop could help identify and prevent problem behaviors and make the environment safer for everyone.

Risks of Truck Stop IP Video

Camera damage – Truck stop security cameras, especially those located outdoors, are subject to damages, especially those caused by the outdoors or criminals wishing to disguise their identities. A damaged camera may affect the total overall quality of truck stop surveillance, which could severely compromise the safety of a truck stop. For this reason, truck stops should have another form of security in place aside from video surveillance – whether it be physical security (an alarm, for instance) or a security guard on the premises at all times.

Privacy – Truck stops are valued by long-haul truckers because they provide meals, showers, and a place to take a break from the job. Protect the privacy of resting truckers by keeping surveillance cameras in public places, and out of showers. Take extra precautions in lot cameras, ensuring that they survey the general area and not point directly into any cab.

Setup Considerations for Truck Stop Surveillance

Just as the highways that truckers crisscross are different, types of truck stops vary widely. Security needs for truck stops rely on a number of specific factors, like:

  • Where is the truck stop located? Truck stops located in rural areas have different security concerns than urban area truck stops.
  • Have you ever had problems with crime in the past?
  • Do you serve mostly traveling truckers, or a mix of truckers and other motorists?
  • What do you consider to be your greatest security threat?

Arrangement Advice for Truck Stop Video Surveillance Systems

  • Place outdoor cameras, like the ones around the perimeter of the overnight lot, in protective housings to prevent weather-related damages.
  • Cameras near entrances and exits can help capture the faces and license plates of every truck stop visitor
  • Put an indoor camera over the cash register or registers to protect clerks and cash from robbery; register cameras can also aid in criminal investigations.
  • Cameras in back offices and safes can help protect employees-only areas
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