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If you need to record video in hallways, doorways, or other narrow spaces, vertical/corridor format is designed to optimize a horizontal video format.

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What is Vertical/Corridor Format?

Vertical format, also Corridor Format or vertical view mode, is a method of rotating the camera to record with a vertical (tall) orientation instead of the traditional horizontal (wide) orientation. Available from premium manufactures in select cameras, this feature allows you to record more detailed images because the entire camera view is focused on the room or space before it, not walls or blank areas.

How Vertical Format Works

There are two steps to recording video vertically. First, the camera is installed sideways to the traditional position (if your lens has a moving axis, you can also just rotate that individual part instead of the entire camera) so it is at a 90 degree angle. Cameras used for vertical recording also have rectangle-shaped image sensor, specially designed to record in this vertical format.

This creates a video that, in its original state, would appear sideways. Then your camera, or the software, will rotate the image back upright so that the final video you see is a vertically-oriented file.

With vertical recording you won’t be sacrificing the HD quality you look for in an IP camera system, so you still get the most value from your camera. HD video is recorded with a 16:9 ratio, designed for wide locations including parking lots, building lobbies and conference rooms. When rotated sideways, the video now has a 9:16 ratio that works better for hallways and narrow store aisles.

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How Vertical Format Can Help You

Recording video vertically can benefit your surveillance system in several ways:

  • Saves you bandwidth & storage space because you aren’t wasting part of your video recording walls or blank areas
  • Records the video in the correct orientation for tall, narrow, or long areas
  • Provides better detail in narrow spaces, because the entire frame is the area of interest instead of partially recording walls or blanks spots

This vertical recording method is especially useful in many buildings because hallways and stairwells are often narrow areas. The vertical orientation is also helpful in recording people entering or exiting through doorways, and outdoor applications including long driveways.

Corridor format is available from select camera manufactures, including Axis.

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