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Record surveillance video in complete dark with thermal security cameras to improve your perimeter security.

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Thermal Security Camera Systems and Their Benefits

Thermal security cameras are an ideal choice when monitoring large-scale or unique outdoor environments such as heavy forested areas and other areas that have obstructions that make viewing difficult. Thermal surveillance camera technology uses heat that is generated from an object or individual to detect their location. The technology harnessed by thermal security cameras doesn’t need an external light source to operate.

Thermal Surveillance Cameras for Nighttime Action

For those employing surveillance and security cameras in pitch-black scenes, thermal security camera technology gives the user the ability to see what is going on no matter the level of light, as thermal surveillance cameras rely on heat to detect movement or motion. You can record activity twenty-four hours a day or whenever activity is detected.

Since criminal attempts are made in the cover of darkness, thermal security cameras make an excellent complement to your complete IP surveillance system. You can access the cameras with a secure Internet connection even if you are off premises. In many cases, simply having video surveillance cameras in a location will thwart attempts by thieves and vandals, but the added functionality of thermal security cameras is capable of capturing images of trespassers and criminals in 0 lux lighting conditions or busy outdoor areas.

Difficult Situations Not a Problem for Thermal Security Cameras

In addition to detecting persons in the dark, thermal surveillance cameras are also good for capturing activity when outdoor conditions are less than ideal. Whether there is a powerful storm occurring, a blanket of heavy fog, or if conditions are compromised by the nature of your work, thermal cameras can still detect persons and objects via heat.

Thermal surveillance cameras can be the best option when you have difficult outdoor areas to monitor and want to further enhance the strength of your current IP camera system.

A Great Addition to Your Outdoor Surveillance System

The images being delivered by thermal security cameras rely on heat that it is emitted from the individual. Thus, recorded video is strictly for detecting persons or objects in areas where they shouldn’t be. If you already have a low-light security camera in place, the addition of thermal surveillance cameras will significantly improve your security operation.

Customizable IP Security Camera Systems Are a Wise Investment

For security applications battling harsh outdoor elements, it can certainly be a wise investment to consider a customizable system that includes thermal surveillance cameras. Not all video surveillance systems are appropriate for individual security needs. Combining thermal imagery with your current outdoor surveillance system will help ensure that the exterior of your property is protected. Our specialists at have amassed years of IP video surveillance experience that encompasses thermal security camera technology. We will closely examine the layout of your property, and recommend security cameras that optimize your surveillance coverage and technology requirements.

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