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Tamper detection on cameras will send you alerts if someone tampers with or vandalizes the camera.

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What is Tamper Detection?

Tamper detection is a setting within your IP camera that will send you an alert when the camera is tampered with. Once an action has been detected, whether it’s someone trying to knock the camera down or blocking its view, the alert lets you know to log into your video management system to see what happened.

How Tamper Detection Works

Tamper detection allows your camera to alert you when its ability to record has been impacted. Especially helpful for locations where the camera may be physically attacked or the camera can be blocked, the automatic alerts will keep you connected to your system even when you’re not there to monitor the feed in person.

Tamper detection can be set to notify you when:

  • The camera is physically hit or moved
  • Someone attempts to cut the power to the camera
  • The camera is vandalized with spray paint, covering the lens to prevent recording
  • Or if something physical covers the camera, or is placed in front of the camera to block the view
  • The camera focus is obscured, making the image blurry
  • Tamper detection can also be set to send alerts based on the duration of the disruption, so a stray leaf caught on the camera for a few seconds won’t trigger anything but spray painting the camera will trigger an alert

Keep in mind that sometimes the camera can be hit or obscured in non-criminal ways. A tree branch may hit the camera as it falls off a tree, a stray item blowing in the wind may wrap around the camera, and the lights suddenly going out may darken the image enough to send an alert. In these instances though, it is also helpful to be notified to so you can get to the scene and repair the camera.

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How Tamper Detection Can Help You

If you are unable to monitor your surveillance system in person 24/7, tamper detection can help you by alerting you when something of interest happens. When used with remote or mobile viewing, you can check in on the camera from any location with a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Useful in many industries and locations, tamper detection has been used to:

  • Quickly get security officers to the damaged camera in areas with high crime rates, where there is a large potential for criminals purposely blocking the camera’s view
  • Notify school security officers when a basketball or other play item hits an outdoor camera overlooking the recess area
  • If you commonly have trees or branches fall during storms, you will know if one of the cameras has been impacted

When setting up tamper detection on your IP camera, you should consider how these alerts will fit into your overall security settings:

  • Will you be getting alerts for motion and tamper detection? These two features analyze the video searching for very different actions
  • Will the alerts be sent to multiple people to ensure someone is available to check into the system and see what happened?
  • Even if you have a security guard monitoring camera feed live, could they still use alerts sent via text message for times they have to leave the monitors (to walk the grounds, open a door, or inspect a security problem elsewhere in the building)?

Tamper detection is available from many leading IP camera manufacturers including Optica, Axis, and Vivotek.

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