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Video management software helps you manage your surveillance system cameras, NVRs, and other devices.

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Software Features & Technology

The video management software is an essential part of any surveillance system. VMS software allows you to manage camera and recording settings, view multiple camera feeds, and set alerts for tampering and motion detection.

Video management software can also review and analyze your recorded video, giving you important information. These analytics can range from retail software that tracks customer movements to better design stores to motion detection searches for suspicious people who came on your property during the night.

Advanced Software Features

Learn about the software features and applications that help make your system run smoother. These include ways to quickly search through the recorded files you have to save time, and what types of software will work well with other cameras and NVRs.

License Plate Recognition

License plate recognition, or LPR, is an advanced software feature that records a vehicle's license plate number. This data is then compared to a database of numbers, useful for parking garages and police departments.

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Video Analytics

Video analytics software makes your surveillance system more efficient, reduces the workload on security and management staff, and helps you capture the full value of security video.

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Smart Search

To save time while reviewing videos looking for a specific scene, Smart Search features in video management software allow you to set up specific search parameters so you can quickly scan the most relevant clips.

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ONVIF, or the Open Network Video Interface Forum, is a global standard for compatibility in IP cameras and systems. ONVIF-certified products are designed to work together, giving you flexibility while building a system.

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Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows you to securely store surveillance video off-site so it is accessible via smart phones, tablets, and computers even when you are away from your office or store.

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