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To help you quickly review recorded video and save time, smart search will filter your videos.

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What is Smart Search?

Smart Search is a feature in video management software that allows you to set up specific motion detection windows when reviewing your recorded video. This allows your software to search through the recorded video looking only for activity that matches your Smart Search settings, saving you the time of sifting through video by hand.

How Smart Search Works

Using a series of customizable settings, Smart Search lets you quickly and easily review recorded video to find suspicious activity. Smart Search is accessed through your VMS playback menu, and has three basic settings: sensitivity, duration, and area of interest.

There are a few things you should consider when setting you Smart Search settings:

  • The sensitivity is set on a scale from very low to very high—very low sensitivity will give you fewer results, while high sensitivity will give you more results because it is looking for any motion
  • The duration can be set to short or long time spans, and the video results will only show that segment of the video
  • The area of interest is drawn on the video, so you can focus on the specific area you want to review (around a desk, doorway, cash register, ect)

Smart Search is a great tool for reviewing your recorded surveillance video. By searching only for motion in designated areas that last a specific amount of time you will reduce the amount of non-relevant video you watch, improving the efficiency and speed of your security program.


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How Smart Search Can Help You

Using Smart Search will save you time when reviewing a large number of video files, or an extremely long video. This is ideal for organizations that require video be recorded in 24 hour segments, or when your motion detection is set off by frequent movement from trees, traffic, or wind.

Some other ways Smart Search can help save you time while reviewing video:

  • Small movements are normal, but long-lasting movement is suspicious (the difference between a person walking through the frame and someone staying near a door for several minutes)
  • Your motion detection windows are set to record based on movement in a larger area than you are specifically looking for, so a Saved Search can analyze the entire video and find the motion in the one specific spot you need

Smart Search is available in video management software from leading manufacturers including Milestone.

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