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IP security cameras come in a wide variety of models from wireless to PTZ, HD, and megapixel.

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Learn about Security Cameras for Video Surveillance

Security cameras come in a wide variety of form factors so there is a camera for every security need. While building a surveillance system you can choose which type best meets your needs, so you can get the video quality and safety you want.

Sturdy outdoor and vandal-proof cameras are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, snow and rain, and even attempts to tamper or damage the camera. Night vision and thermal cameras make it possible to record video at night when sunlight or overhead lights aren’t available, while megapixel cameras give you large detailed videos.

Choose From Many Styles of Camera

Each type of security camera has a use, so you can select the style that best secures your location. The pages below will help you understand the different types of cameras from outdoor-safe housings to PTZ cameras, and explains their strengths and best use.

Vandal-Proof Cameras

Need a camera built to withstand vandalism, tampering, and physical attacks? A vandal-proof camera comes in a special housing built from durable materials that makes it stronger than other cameras, and often includes settings that will send you alerts if the camera is attacked.

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Megapixel Cameras

Megapixel cameras give you higher resolution, HD-quality surveillance video. If you’re using the surveillance system to read license plates or identify people, a megapixel camera will give you the high quality images you need.

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Night Vision Cameras

Protecting your office, business, or home at night is just as important as monitoring it during the day, but requires special cameras that can record in low light. Night vision cameras come in a variety of forms, so you can find the camera best suited for your security needs.

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Thermal Security Cameras

Using special technology, thermal cameras record video based on heat tracking. These cameras make it easy to detect when someone enters your property, and are often used in conjunction with night vision cameras to track and identify trespassers.

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Benefits of Network Cameras

From wireless cameras that cover large distances to the ease of installing a camera with a single cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE), HD and megapixel resolution, and many alarm or alert settings, network cameras give you flexibility and mobility to monitor your business or home.

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PTZ Cameras

Do you need a single camera to monitor a large area, track movement, and zoom in to identify suspicious activity? It’s possible to do all of this with a PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera, which allows you to direct the camera’s movements so it’s always focused on the greatest area of interest.

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Security Camera Lenses

Security cameras use different types of lenses to record different types of video, ranging from a fixed lens with a defined focal length to varifocal and zoom lenses which have a wider range.

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Camera Form Factors

A camera’s form factor, or body, helps define its use. These form factors include dome and mini domes, PTZs, bullets, and covert surveillance cameras, so you can select a camera built for your location.

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Security Camera Kits

Security camera kits come with everything you need to protect your business or home, including the surveillance cameras, NVR, and cables for power and network connections. These kits can include a variety of security cameras, from indoor/outdoor to day/night, PTZ, and more.

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