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Conveniently adjust your surveillance camera’s focus and save time with remote focus lenses.

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What Is Remote Focus?

Remote focus is a feature found in camera software that allows you to focus the camera lens without physically adjusting the camera in person. Some software will also zoom in the camera when you hold down the software’s focus button. This ability to remotely focus the camera without physically being there makes it easier and quicker to focus your camera for clear, detailed video.

How Remote Focus Works

Using your software to control the camera, remote focus makes it easy to adjust your IP surveillance camera. When you click the “remote focus” or “auto focus” option in your software, the camera will automatically adjust its lens to give you a clear, focused image.

Just like a traditional camera, surveillance cameras adjust their focus and field of view by physically moving the lens close or further from the scene it is recording, bending the light in different ways. A clear image depends on the correct amount of light hitting the image sensor at the right angle, a process made easier with remote focus.

As lighting conditions change, or objects in your field of view move, the remote focus feature also allows you to adjust the camera so you can continue to record surveillance video.

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How Remote Focus Can Help You

Because you do not need to physically adjust the camera, remote focus is ideal for cameras in remote locations you cannot easily access. Remote focus also makes it easy to:

  • Easily adjust the camera’s field of view if your camera has a vari-focal lens
  • Correct the camera focus after it is installed, if you cannot view the camera feed while installing to adjust it yourself
  • Rework the camera’s focus if it moves to monitor a new area
  • Zoom the camera in without needing to physically adjust the lens, which can require small, precise adjustments hard to do by hand

IP cameras with remote focus are available from most major manufacturers including Axis, Vivotek, and Optica.

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