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ONVIF, or Open Network Video Interface Forum, promotes a global standard so IP cameras and devices can work together.

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What is ONVIF?

ONVIF, or the Open Network Video Interface Forum, promotes a single global standard for IP cameras and other surveillance technology, with the goal that all ONVIF conformant products can work together regardless of manufacturer.

How ONVIF Works

To become ONVIF certified a product must meet pre-set standards multiple areas, including:

  • IP configuration
  • Device discovery & management
  • Media configuration
  • Real time viewing
  • Event handling
  • PTZ controls
  • Video analytics

This means that any ONVIF conformant IP camera can work with other ONVIF item including NVRs and video management software.

To become ONVIF certified, manufacturers must successfully test their products to match the pre-set standards. Because new IP surveillance products are consistently being released, this means new ONVIF conformant products are regularly available when you’re trying to upgrade a system.

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How ONVIF Can Help You

Because all the ONVIF products are designed to work together, you have a great deal of flexibility while building an IP surveillance system:

  • You can easily pick the best products for your specific application even if it means outdoor cameras from one manufacturer and indoor cameras from a different manufacturer
  • You can also upgrade single camera or devices without worrying that it may not be compatible with your existing system, thereby “future proofing” your surveillance system
  • You can also pick the ONVIF-certified video management software that best meets your surveillance needs, knowing it can easily integrate products from multiple brands

Surveillance equipment that meets the ONVIF standards is available from most major brands including Axis, Optica, and Milestone.

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