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IP camera systems offer free mobile apps to monitor & record video from iPhones and iPads for instant access to your camera feed from virtually anywhere.

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iPhone and iPad Security Camera Apps

The proliferation of the iPhone and iPad has been the driving force behind the development of mobile monitoring apps. Tailored towards on-the-go surveillance users, many IP camera and NVR manufacturers have unveiled top-of-the-line mobile monitoring apps compatible with the iPhone and iPad. A list of manufacturer iPhone security camera apps and iPad security camera apps is provided below, each with a detailed description of noteworthy features.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: OpticaMobile & OpticaMobile HD

Optica, a leading manufacturer of high-definition IP cameras, offers OpticaMobile and OpticaMobile HD mobile apps designed for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. OpticaMobile delivers a wide spectrum of features to improve the viewing experience for all Optica IP cameras, including quad-view mode, live video streams, bookmarking, audio, snapshots, dual stream support, and PTZ control of Optica’s P218Z speed dome. It’s an easy and convenient way to tap into your Optica IP camera system while on the go. OpticaMobile HD is built for use on the iPad, while OpticaMobile is compatible with iPhone and Android devices.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: XProtect Mobile

Milestone is one of the leading providers of video management software. Always on the forefront of IP video technology, Milestone offers an iPhone security camera app designed for use with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPad. To use the iPhone and iPad app, you must first have Milestone’s free XProtect Mobile Server installed and configured, which you can download from the Milestone website. Once installed on your iPhone, you can view live video from several cameras simultaneously; play back recorded images; control PTZ cameras; connect to cameras from more than one site; and send images to others via MMS and email. It’s by far one of the best mobile monitoring apps out there.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: Smartvue 9

An all-star player in the NVR market, Smartvue offers a complimentary iPhone and iPad monitoring app compatible with a wide range of IP camera brands and styles such as Axis, Sony, Optica, Vivotek, and Panasonic. This innovative app allows you to view numerous cameras at once, slide through live images, connect to different cameras, change display options, see off-site camera monitors, view recorded video, and search archived footage. It’s easy to use, has an intuitive design, and operates through simple touch screen functions such as scrolling and pinch-to-zoom.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: Vivotek iViewer

The iViewer iPhone security camera app created by Vivotek is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPad devices. With the iViewer app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you can view your live camera feed anytime, anywhere. You’re not limited to just one camera either; the iViewer supports hundreds of live camera feeds from innumerable server connections. The app gives you complete control of your live video, including PTZ camera control, a snapshot command to capture specific video frames, real-time switching of cameras to change displays as needed, and saving your display settings. The app also features remote playback so you can browse through recorded images for peace of mind. Additionally, you can search recorded video via a date and time, and playback recorded video in time intervals of 1, 2, 5, and 10 minutes.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: VMobile

NVR manufacturer QNAP offers a free mobile monitoring app called VMobile that works with most versions of the iPhone as well as the iPad. Using the VMobile app, you can view your IP cameras and playback recorded video from the VioStor NVR series. Unique to the VMobile app is its ability to connect with hundreds of network cameras of varied brands. You’ll have access to breakthrough mobile monitoring features like PTZ control, notification of events and snapshots, adjustable viewing modes, and recorded video playback.


iPhone & IPad Security Camera App Name: MobileFocus

Everfocus is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of CCTV camera systems and DVRs. The MobileFocus app supports multi-touch control for zooming in on images, quick access to preset positions, sequence mode, image snapshots of real-time video, PTZ control, full screen displays, live audio, and device management, among many other convenient features. The app currently works with all Paragon Series DVRs and HD Series DVRs.

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