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Learn how image sensors work, and why they are so important to your camera capturing high quality surveillance video.

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What is an Image Sensor?

An image sensor is the part of your IP camera that captures the light hitting the camera lens and turns it into electrical signals, which get recorded as the video you see when monitoring your system. There are two types of image sensors found in IP surveillance cameras, the newer CMOS image sensors and CCD image sensors.

How Image Sensors Work

As light passes through your camera lens, it hits the image sensor. The sensor is made up for many little photosites (each photosite becomes a pixel in the video resolution), and the amount of light on each individual photosite determines how much light will be in each pixel of your video. Together, the light/dark sections of each pixel make up one cohesive image in the final video.

For IP cameras, there are two types of image sensors:

  • CCD (charge-coupled device) image sensors have been around for over 30 years, and are often found in older models of cameras
  • CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) image sensors utilize newer technology to record better HD resolution and fast-moving activity, and are found in the majority of IP new cameras

How Image Sensors Help You

Every IP surveillance camera needs an image sensor to create a video. For high quality surveillance video, the newer CMOS image sensors help ensure your video stays clear even at high resolutions or when objects are moving.

Image sensors are available in video surveillance systems and IP security cameras from top manufactures including Optica, Axis, and Mobotix.

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