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Cloud storage works with your security cameras and NVR to allow your surveillance system to store recorded video on the cloud for easy remote access.

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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the term for saving files to a remote storage system accessed online instead of, or in addition to, saving files on an NVR or computer hard drive. This gives you several advantages over saving all surveillance videos on a NVR including the ability to access videos from anywhere and a larger storage capacity than your NVR may have.

How Cloud Storage Works

Cloud storage is easy to use and requires minimal equipment. You need a computer or other device with an internet connection, which will send the video files to the cloud storage service. When you want to view the video or download the files you log into their website to access your files.

For video surveillance systems, there are NVRs that are specially designed to work with cloud storage. They will have a small hard drive to store videos locally for a short amount of time before uploading them to the cloud.

One thing to consider when using cloud storage is the amount of upstream bandwidth your network has available. If your video files are especially large, or you have a large number of videos, the upload process could slow down your network while uploading them.

If possible, look for a NVR with a cloud service that allows you to upload videos on a schedule. This will allow you to select the best time to upload the files so the impact on your network is minimal. This could be nights, early mornings, weekends, or whenever works best for your organization.

One thing to note, when considering cloud storage, is the cost. Many cloud storage companies charge a fee, whether monthly or yearly, to use their services. This fee may vary depending on how much storage space your system requires.

How Cloud Storage can Help You

Cloud storage can benefit your surveillance system in many ways:

  • Video files are easily accessible from anywhere using your computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Files are not stored locally, so even if your equipment is damaged or stolen, the videos are still safe
  • Many companies choose to save video for long periods of time, especially in case of accidents in the workplace; cloud storage makes it easier to keep those files without taking up limited space on a hard drive
  • Cloud storage can also be used as a backup for a NVR or hard drive even if it’s not the main storage solution

Cloud storage is still a new and growing part of the surveillance industry, and is available from leading manufacturers like Eagle Eye and Smartvue.

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