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Surveillance cameras come in a wide variety of form factors, from domes and mini domes to outdoor and PTZ.

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What are Camera Form Factors?

A camera form factor describes the type of body the camera has, ranging from bullet cameras to domes and small covert cameras. The different bodies are suited for different locations, including indoors or out, giving you the ability to select the camera specific to your surveillance needs.

What are the Form Factor Options?

The body of a surveillance camera will dictate what situations it is best suited for, since each camera type has strengths:

  • The body of a surveillance camera will dictate what situations it is best suited for, since each camera type has strengths:
  • With a dome camera it can often be difficult to tell which way the camera is pointed, so a potential thief or vandal will not know if they are being monitored
  • Mini dome cameras are smaller than traditional domes, allowing them to be more discreet and installed in tighter spaces
  • Box cameras are less secure than a bullet camera because more of the camera is exposed, but make it easier to work on the camera to change lenses or manually focus it
  • Covert cameras are often very small, disguised as other items like smoke detectors, or designed to be installed in walls so they do not attract attention, allowing you to covertly record video

Additionally, you have fixed cameras, where the camera cannot move and only records what it is facing and PTZ cameras, which can pan, tilt, and zoom to follow action.

Cameras can also be outdoor or vandal proof in addition to being a dome, bullet, or other form factor.

  • Outdoor cameras, designed as IP66, are specially designed to withstand low or high temperatures, rain and snow, dust, and dirt
  • Some outdoor cameras also come with heaters to keep them working even in extremely low temperatures, although this requires more power for the camera
  • Vandal proof cameras, designated as IK10, are built to withstand direct blows to the camera so they will not be damaged

How Surveillance Cameras can Help You

Knowing the different camera form factors will help you find the best camera for your specific surveillance needs. Are you adding cameras to an area high in crime and vandalism? A vandal-proof dome camera may be best. Looking to monitor an indoor space like a hotel convention room? A bullet or box camera would work. And if your surveillance system encompasses multiple environments including indoor and outdoor, you can mix different camera types into one system for the best coverage. offers a wide variety of camera form factors from leading manufactures including Axis, Optica, and Mobotix.

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