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Taxi operators and cab owners can heavily benefit from vehicle security cameras to monitor all passenger activity.

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Video Surveillance for Taxis

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Advantages of Taxi Security Cameras

Protect drivers - Cabbies are in a vulnerable position. They put their trust in their passengers. Security cameras can help to deter unruly passengers from acting out of line.

Deter violence - Whether the result of alcohol, or many other factors, violent confrontations can and do occur between cab passengers and drivers. The presence of in-cab surveillance cameras can make riders think twice before acting afoul.

Prevent robberies - When security cameras are onboard, anyone attempting to rob a cabbie will have to do so knowing their every move is being videotaped. That knowledge alone should be enough to stop many potential robbers in their tracks.

Monitor driver behavior - Passengers aren't the only ones with the potential to act out of line in a taxi cab. Drivers can also be guilty on occasion. Taxicams help to ensure that cab drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner.

Provide visual evidence - In cases where violent confrontations or robberies do take place, in-cab security cameras can provide valuable video evidence for criminal investigations.

Risks of Taxicams

Privacy - Placing appropriate signage throughout the cab to inform passengers that they're on camera can ease privacy concerns, while also helping to deter criminal activity by publicizing the presence of video surveillance.

Considerations for Taxicab Video Surveillance

When determining a taxicab service's need for video security, consider some of these factors:

  • How safe do the cab drivers currently feel?
  • Has there been a history of violence in the areas covered by the taxi service?
  • Have there been reported incidents of theft and violence in the cabs?
  • Do the cabs travel into high crime neighborhoods?
  • Do the cabbies often transport intoxicated passengers?


  • Use cameras equipped to handle low-light and dark conditions.
  • Install internal cameras to achieve views of passengers as well as the driver
  • Position camera above the rear view mirror for comprehensive view of the cab's interior
  • Consider external cameras
  • Consider integrating cameras with a duress alarm system
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