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Our technical support team will help you set up your system and troubleshoot problems.

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Video Surveillance Technical Support

Get expert help from our team of manufacturer-certified support technicians. We offer the following technical support programs to help your organization maintain system stability and optimal configuration.

In addition to our on-call technical support, we offer a selection of System Implementation Plans to every client.

Free Technical Support

Complimentary technical support includes:

  • Basic System Implementation (one-time event, 30 minutes max)
  • Break/Fix support under manufacturer warranty
  • Basic camera, network, and NVR/DVR troubleshooting

Out of scope, additional setup, and advanced support is available at $95/ hour.

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Business hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm PST

Premium Technical Support Offerings

End User Training

Advanced Training

Support for advanced configuration, out of scope troubleshooting, and other technical issues is available. In some cases “smart hands” may need to be present on-site before Advanced Support can begin. For many support tasks we require access to your high speed internet router/modem.

We require appointment scheduling with a minimum of 24-hour notice for Advanced Support.

Advanced Support can be purchased at $95/ hour.

Technical Support Scope

Support Activity Free Support Advanced Support**
Basic System Setup (One-time event - 30 minutes max.)
Break/Fix Issues - Including RMA's and DOA
Basic camera, network, and NVR/DVR troubleshooting
Advanced Support
Configuration for Remote Access (Port Forwarding & DDNS)
Mobile App Configuration
Camera / NVR Time Settings
Motion Detection
Setup Recording Schedules
Email/SMS Alert Configuration
Configure VMS/NVR Camera Matrix View
NVR/VMS Muliple User Setup
Archive to NAS
Camera Image Settings Configuration (Focus, Exposure, D/N Settings, etc)
License Plate Capture - Day/Night
Setup Router/ Modems /4G Hotspots (purchased from
Third Party Mobile App Configuration
IP Reconfiguration *
Cameras without Networks (No internet access available) *
Advanced Networking *
MAC Client Setup
Other Advanced Camera or NVR/VMS Support/Configuration

* Client required to make available on-site technical / "smart" hands to assist with configuration

** Advanced Support can be purchased at $95/hour.

*** Must be scheduled via appointment unless resource is available

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