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Shopping Mall Security Camera Systems

Like any place where money flows and large crowds of people gather, shopping malls are susceptible to criminal activity. Most feature large open plazas, multiple levels of shops, restaurants, and often movie theaters, along with storage and delivery areas. The buildings are expansive and present unique challenges for security personnel. Strategically placed mall security cameras help to enhance security by providing continuous monitoring of all parts of a shopping complex.

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Benefits of a well-placed mall security camera

Prevent Theft – Retail shops, storage facilities, and delivery areas within a mall complex are all targets for thieves looking to walk away with stolen goods or cash. Surveillance cameras can spot suspicious activity, allowing security personnel to investigate the scene and deploy officers if need-be.

Deter Crime – Mall security cameras monitor the premises for suspect behavior and can help to curtail unfortunate criminal acts such as kidnappings, fights, and violent outbursts.

Increase Customer Safety – The presence of Mall security cameras raises the mall’s overall level of security and gives customers the confidence that unwelcome behavior won’t be tolerated.

Monitor Employee Activity – Mall security cameras can capture instances of employee theft and other improper worker conduct.

Coordinate Security Personnel – Operators viewing recorded mall security camera footage can direct security staffers to specific areas of the mall when suspicious activity is spotted.

Crime Investigation – Mall security cameras enable you to record footage, providing investigators with valuable images of specific incidents and suspects in question.

Risks of Mall Security Cameras

Vandalism – If your mall security cameras are damaged or tampered with, the signal can be lost. Backup security measures should be in place in case there’s a break in surveillance.

Privacy – The placement of security cameras in public areas is widely accepted, but private locations such as mall bathrooms are considered off limits to video surveillance.

Configuration of Shopping Mall Video Surveillance Systems

Due to their architectural makeup, which often features a variety of different levels and unique trouble spots, shopping malls present interesting challenges when it comes to establishing a comprehensive video surveillance system. Consider some of the following factors:

  • Does the mall have an adequate amount of security personnel on duty?
  • What existing security systems does the facility currently have in place?
  • Does the facility feature restricted areas accessible only to authorized workers?
  • Is their a parking structure connected to the complex?
  • Is the mall connected to any form of public transit such as a subway station or bus tunnel?
  • Does the facility feature long corridors and stairwells outside of public view?
  • Is there a history of theft at the mall?
  • Have there been reported incidents of criminal activity in the facility?

Mall CCTV and Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Place mall security cameras at every entrance and exit in order to capture clear images of all visitors to the mall.
  • Install cameras in ublic open areas such as plazas, lobbies, and food courts to get an overall view of mall activity.
  • Situate surveillance cameras at crossroads and intersections within the facility in order to monitor all areas in which visitors move throughout the facility.
  • Establish video surveillance of any garages and parking lots associated with the complex.
  • Maintain surveillance of access-controlled hallways and storage areas.
  • Situate security cameras to keep watch over delivery and loading areas.
  • Consider using smart cameras with built-in video analytics for spotting suspicious activity involving left objects and other abnormal behavior.
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