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Secure your self storage business with a video surveillance system, deterring criminals and increasing customer security.

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Video Surveillance for Self Storage Security

Self storage businesses are popular across the country, making it easy for people to store their belongings if there isn't room at their current location. With such a wide range of possible possessions under your business, customers are trusting your self storage company to keep their belongings safe.

Most self storage, or mini storage, businesses are a maze of storage rooms. Even when you're on-site you can't see everything, so how can a video surveillance system help you improve your business?

Using Video Surveillance to Safeguard Your Self Storage

A surveillance system at your self storage business can help you:

  • Monitor traffic at your business to identify the busiest hours when you may need more staff on site
  • Remotely view & monitor your cameras from a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Capture video of someone breaking into or damage a storage unit
  • Capture video of someone stealing from a storage unit
  • Improve security, so storage unit renters feel safer

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