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Alternative Solutions to Security Guard Services

Security guards are a common security solution for many businesses, but are they the best solution for you?

Security guards do have many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages. Guards cannot see everywhere at once — if they are in one location, they cannot see other places on your site. They can also be attacked by a thief or criminal who enters your site, leaving them unable to alert authorities.

Many businesses will choose to utilize both a guard service and a video surveillance solution. This popular approach has many benefits:

  • Significant savings vs. employing a full guard force at all times
  • Cameras can record at night in low light situations, giving you a better view than a guard
  • Cameras can see further/wider than a guard
  • Guards to monitor cameras live to see all entrances to a building
  • Remote monitoring services to supplement when a guard isn't available

What is a Remote Guard Solution?

A video surveillance remote guard solution, also called a virtual guard service, is a complete video surveillance system designed to help monitor and secure your site.

These systems use cameras to monitor building entrances and exits, or whatever your security needs are, and will send you alerts when activity is found. Live monitoring by an off-site company gives you the ability to have eyes on your site to quickly react to situations (and call the police when necessary) without the need to employee security guards to physically walk the grounds.

A unique solution that is common with construction sites and other temporary work sites are Actively Monitored Camera Towers — these are complete surveillance systems mounted on poles designed to be installed on a work site, and then taken down when construction is complete.

Significant Savings While Improving Security

Security guards provide a valuable service, but unless you plan to hire enough guards to monitor all areas of your business 24/7, you'll need another security option to fill in at times — an even better idea when that solution can also provide significant savings for your business.

A surveillance camera never needs to take a break, so you get true continuous surveillance for your money. Whether you choose to completely replace guards with a remote guard solution or supplement your current security forces, a virtual guard solution is about one quarter the price of traditional guard services and gives you:

  • Continuous, 24/7 surveillance options
  • Live monitoring by trained experts
  • Alerts sent in real-time as activity is detected
  • Stored video files for review
  • Wider, longer field of view

Contact us today to learn more about this cost-effective alternative to security guards.

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