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Video Surveillance Systems for Security Directors, Security Managers & Guards

We've partnered with security directors and managers in multiple industries throughout our tenure as a professional security integrator. Whether you serve as the security manager of a retailer or a manufacturing facility, our system design specialists are here to help you deploy a reliable video surveillance system.

IT Guide to Video Surveillance

This guide highlights the questions your IT department needs to ask to successfully design, implement & manage a video surveillance system.

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Understanding the Challenges You Face

We understand the day-to-day challenges you face as a security director, and use our expertise to help minimize them. No business is immune to crime, which is why it's so more important to build a viable security plan. Here are some common concerns security directors have:

  • Gathering faster/easier post-incident evidence
  • Improving real-time incident management
  • Alerting security officers or guards to suspicious activity
  • Protecting merchandise from theft
  • Maintaining workplace safety standards
  • Safeguarding other on-site assets
  • Ensuring personal safety and security of employees
  • Preventing/Catching trespassers and vandals

Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

To better secure large crowds at an outdoor concert venue, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion upgraded from an old, slow CCTV system to a new IP system.

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Modern Video Surveillance Technology

With a modern-day video surveillance system, you can quickly identify and respond to suspicious activity before it escalates. Here are some of the many benefits that modern video surveillance equipment delivers:

  • Save time with mobile monitoring apps
  • Capture clear video with HD resolution (police recommend HD)
  • Remote viewing to monitor from anywhere
  • Make positive identifications
  • Improve day-to-day business operations
  • Track and monitor customer behavior

The Power of HD Video Resolution

Advanced video features available today such as HD resolution delivers better imagery, which produces clearer video evidence. Police departments have spoken up about the importance of HD video and recommend it for capturing strong video evidence. Choppy or blurry images captured with TVL or low-resolution cameras make it that much more difficult to see the specific details that occur during an event.

Frequently Asked Questions by Security Directors

Our background helping security directors deploy reliable surveillance systems has made us an expert at answering your questions. We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from security directors, security managers, and security guards.

How can video surveillance help my security officers on duty?

Today, there are many video surveillance systems with unique features such as video push technology that enable security officers to capture video of an incident with their very own smartphone camera. Video push technology sends the recording from your phone directly to your company's server, allowing you to export important video evidence to law enforcement if an event occurs. This helpful feature is almost like having a portable surveillance camera, in that you can record and store video anywhere with a smartphone camera.

Is there any way to alert my security guards if I catch a suspicious incident on video?

Yes, you can send snapshots of an image from your security camera system to a security officer's phone, enabling him or her to investigate the incident right then and there.

What are some features I should look for in a video surveillance system?

For security directors we highly recommend HD IP surveillance cameras with an NVR and/or video management software (VMS). Many VMS platforms give you the ability to quickly search through recorded video, saving you time on reviewing multiple recordings to find the relevant one. The Smart Search feature is ideal for organizations that record 24/7 or find that motion detection is set off frequently by the slightest movement from trees, traffic, or wind. You can read more about this technology by visiting our Smart Search page.

Where should we install our security cameras?

We will happily assist with camera placement to ensure you get the best view of the facility you oversee. Our team uses a diverse set of in-house tools to map out the interior and exterior of your facility and make educated camera placement recommendations.

Selecting Your Partner

Before selecting the security integrator you want to work with, it's important to think about your department's needs and what you want to accomplish. Make sure you carefully research potential partners and create a check list of what their services entail. The ideal candidate to lead your project should be trained in and offer the following:

  • Prompt and reliable response times
  • Integration and configuration services
  • Hands-on experience combining new and old surveillance technology
  • Ability to customize system to facility's technical requirements
  • Firm understanding of your industry and its security weaknesses
  • Add-on services for sophisticated or complex projects

Trusted Security Integrator has a track record helping security directors and managers just like you integrate cost-effective and dependable security camera systems. From configuration services to software tutorials, we help facilitate a smooth and successful installation.

When you get in touch with us, one of our project consultants will provide a free security audit of your business and determine the right security solution for your distinct needs. Call us at or email us at: to get started.

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