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Video Surveillance Systems for IT Managers, CIOs, and IT Directors

We've partnered with numerous Information Technology managers, CIOs, and directors throughout our tenure as a professional security integrator. Whether you work as an IT manager at a school or oversee a multi-site corporation, our system specialists will design a custom video surveillance solution that's fully compatible with your company's existing infrastructure.

IT Guide to Video Surveillance

This guide highlights the questions your IT department needs to ask to successfully design, implement & manage a video surveillance system.

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An Easy-to-Support Surveillance Solution

We recognize that IT directors are key decision makers who design, install, and support a video surveillance system for the entire company (which may include upgrading, maintaining, and other responsibilities to ensure it's always working at peak performance). When you partner with us, we:

  • Design turnkey systems for your project needs
  • Give you the flexibility to use your own hardware/servers
  • Help you determine bandwidth requirements
  • Let you leverage your existing network infrastructure

Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

To better secure large crowds at an outdoor concert venue, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion upgraded from an old, slow CCTV system to a new IP system.

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Security Challenges for IT Managers

We understand the day-to-day hurdles you face as an IT manager or CIO, and use our decades of expertise to help minimize them. No business is immune to theft and liability, which is why it's so more important to build a viable security plan. Here are some common security concerns that IT managers have when it comes to physical security:

  • Protecting your company's server room
  • Preventing theft and tampering of IT equipment
  • Safeguarding against physical security breaches
  • Managing access control systems
  • Preventing unauthorized persons from gaining building access

Modern Video Surveillance Technology

IP and wireless video surveillance systems deliver a wealth of benefits including scalability and integration with internal hardware. Below are some of the advantages of investing in a security camera system:

  • Save time with mobile monitoring apps
  • Migrate CCTV to IP video with video encoders
  • Capture clear & detailed images with HD video
  • Remote viewing to monitor from anywhere
  • Easily add cameras to same network
  • Monitor all camera streams on one network
  • Make positive identifications

Frequently Asked Questions by IT Mangers, Directors, and CIOs

We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions by IT managers and CIOs about our video surveillance systems:

How much bandwidth will my system require?

Many factors contribute to bandwidth and each can be controlled. Bitrate, FPS, and resolution are three of the primary settings which affect bandwidth, as well as the number of users viewing video. has extensive experience designing systems that meet given bandwidth requirements and discussing the trade-offs. We can help review what makes sense for your organization.

How much storage do my cameras need?

It depends on multiple factors including the video compression format, camera resolution, video quality, number of cameras, camera frame rate, the number of hours each camera will record each day (motion recording is usually recommended), and how many days you'll want to store video for, as some companies require a minimum of 15-30 days for each video recording.

Can I use my existing POE switches?

Standard PoE switches work with most of our cameras. You can use PoE switches that are already connected to an existing computer network with a standard Category 5 or 6 Ethernet cable, although you may want to invest in additional PoE switches to support more IP cameras down the road, since most camera systems usually expand over time. Also, while existing networks can be used, sometimes a VLAN or dedicated network is preferable.

Are there any hardware restrictions?

We offer both turnkey servers/NVRs, as well as VMS software which can run on any Windows server. We can help you design the right system while providing minimum server requirements. If you prefer, you can source or build your own server as well. This helps to decrease or eliminate extraneous costs on new equipment.

Can my system integrate with Active Directory?

Yes, most of the surveillance systems we offer will synchronize with your Active Directory infrastructure. System users or groups can normally be added from Active Directory as long as you have a server with Active Directory already installed that acts as domain controller.

Selecting Your Partner

Before selecting the security integrator you want to join forces with, it's important to think about your needs and what you want to accomplish. Make sure you carefully research potential partners and create a check list of what their services entail. The ideal candidate to lead your project should be trained in and offer the following:

  • Full technical support for the duration of your project
  • Prompt and reliable response times
  • Integration and configuration services
  • Years of experience designing high-performance IP camera systems
  • Ability to customize system to your company's needs
  • Firm understanding of your industry and its security weaknesses
  • Exceedingly considerate of your schedule and needs
  • Add-on services for sophisticated or complex projects boasts a strong track record helping IT managers just like you implement cost-effective and dependable security camera systems. Our experience speaks for itself. From configuration services to software tutorials, we help facilitate a smooth and successful installation.

For real examples of some of the IT managers we've partnered with at various businesses, we recommend checking out our extensive portfolio of case studies. Notably, we've partnered with IT managers at educational institutions, manufacturing companies, golf clubs, and retirement communities. You can read more of our case studies at:

Trusted Security Integrator

A video surveillance system can successfully curtail day-to-day challenges and let you focus on what you're best at: managing the IT department. But we also want to help you fully protect your organization with a well-designed, high-performance video surveillance system. When you get in touch with us, one of our system specialists will provide a free consultation of your business and determine the right security solution for your distinct needs. Call us at or email us at: to get started.

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