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Using modern IP surveillance equipment and remote monitoring, you can keep your construction site secure.

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Video Surveillance Systems for Construction Project Managers

We've partnered with construction project managers on many job sites throughout our years as professional security integrators in the video surveillance industry. Whether you are the general manager of a small site or several locations at once, our surveillance specialists will help you design and deploy a professional and effective video surveillance solution.

Security Challenges in Construction

Construction sites are often large and open, and with people and equipment constantly coming and going it can be difficult to secure the area. Heavy machinery and required safety protocols require that you create a safe environment. Challenges in construction site security that project managers face include:

  • Worker safety & injury prevention
  • Equipment & material theft or damage
  • Vandalism
  • Meeting strict buildings codes
  • Liability concerns for your company

Modern Video Surveillance Technology

A video surveillance system can help you address all those security challenges and more, by giving you flexibility in both system design and management. Modern IP-based equipment can utilize wireless connections if your construction site can't use wired systems, and you can check in any time with free mobile apps. IP system benefits include:

  • Wide range of camera options & features
  • Mobile & remote monitoring options
  • Easier to grow or upgrade your system later on

Temporary Security Towers

Security towers offer a unique solution to construction sites - these tall, durable towers come mounted with cameras and lights already attached. If your site doesn't have a location on the building to install cameras, a security tower is the quick way to add cameras to your site, wherever you need them.

An added benefit of these pre-built solutions is the active monitoring many companies offer. Off-site security personnel will monitor your cameras, alert you of activity, "talk down" criminals in solutions that include speakers, and can even dispatch the police to your site if needed. This can help cut your security costs because of the reduced need for on-site guards.

Frequently Asked Questions by Construction Project Managers

How can I protect my cameras from the weather?

You'll want to use outdoor-rated cameras, which come in specialized housing specifically for outdoor use. These cameras are protected from extreme temperatures, both cold and hot, rain, and dust. Outdoor cameras are rated by how protected they are, so contact an expert for advice on which type of outdoor camera you'll need.

Should I use a wireless system?

If your construction site cannot accommodate a wired solution, a wireless solution is a great option. While you'll still need to power the cameras, a wireless solution allows your cameras to connect to your NVR without running cables to each one. Be aware that this type of system does require more setup and configuration before installation.

Where will I install my cameras on a construction site?

IP cameras come in a wide variety of styles to fit into almost any location, including being installed on ceilings and walls. If your structure won't allow for camera installation, you can also mount the cameras to poles and support posts around the site.

Selecting Your Partner

Selecting a surveillance partner is important step in researching and selecting your surveillance system, giving you access to their years of knowledge. When contacting potential security partners, think about:

  • Hours of operation - you want someone who is available when you need them
  • Hands-on experience with the products
  • Deep understanding of your industry & its challenges
  • Access to a wide range of product
  • Expert technical support

Trusted Security Integrator has a proven track record working with construction project managers, helping many businesses secure their construction sites. Contact us today for a free site audit to help you create the best surveillance system, utilizing floor plans, blue prints, and photos to evaluate your site. Call or email us at to get started.

Have Questions? Get Answers. Our security integrators are standing by to make sure your surveillance solution is the best for your business. Contact an expert today! Get Help