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Video Surveillance Systems for Small Business Owners

We've joined forces with hundreds of small business owners in various industries throughout our tenure as a professional security integrator. Whether you own a restaurant or retail shop, our system design specialists are here to help you implement a reliable video surveillance system.

Understanding the Challenges You Face

We know you face multiple security hurdles as a small business owner and use our expertise to help minimize them. No business is immune to theft and liability, which is why it's so important to build a viable security plan that delivers true peace of mind. Here are some common concerns small business owners have around building and asset security:

  • Getting true peace of mind
  • Safeguarding your property
  • Preventing break-ins
  • Dissuading employee theft
  • Enforcing employee safety
  • Reducing annual losses / shrinkage
  • Protecting against liability
  • Deterring trespassers

Peace of Mind with Video Surveillance

As a small business owner, you're responsible for handling any safety or theft issues that arise. You've probably experienced what it it's like to have to drive back to your facility after you've gone home for the day to check on something or are concerned that something was left unlocked, for instance. A video surveillance system gives you the ability to check in on your business from virtually anywhere so that you don't have to make that extra trip and can feel at ease that your business is fully protected.

There are numerous examples of when video surveillance can deliver peace of mind. If an alarm is triggered, instead of driving back to your business or having another employee scope out the area, you can quickly tap into your video surveillance system from your mobile device to see if it's anything serious that requires immediate action. Other examples including knowing that your system is working properly, that your employees are doing their jobs and that the cameras really are acting as a deterrent against crime and frowned-upon behavior.

Modern Video Surveillance Technology

The features inherent to IP video surveillance effectively help your business combat threats and maximize earnings. Here are some of the key benefits of installing a security camera system:

  • Save time with mobile monitoring apps
  • Capture clear & detailed images with HD video
  • Remote viewing to monitor from anywhere
  • Easily add cameras to same network
  • Make positive identifications
  • Improve day-to-day business operations
  • Track and monitor customer behavior

The Power of HD Video Resolution

High-definition (HD) resolution captures extremely clear and detailed images, which in turn producers stronger evidence. Choppy or blurry images recorded with TVL or low-resolution cameras make it that much more difficult to see clear detail of an event. Police departments have spoken up about the importance of HD video for small businesses when submitting evidence of a crime. You can learn more by downloading a free copy of our Upgrade to HD white paper.

Frequently Asked Questions by Small Business Owners

Our background helping small businesses flourish with sound security solutions has made us an expert at answering your questions. Over time we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from small business owners:

Is IP video more expensive than CCTV video?

Not necessarily. IP video can provide a high return on investment that supersedes CCTV systems in terms of decreasing shrinkage and minimizing annual losses. While CCTV systems can deliver a lot of the same benefits as IP video, they simply do not capture images comparable in quality.

What are Ideal Camera Styles for my Indoor Business?

It really depends on your aesthetic tastes and technical preferences. Some small business owners prefer bullet cameras for their deterrent factor and bold appearance. They're easy to see from afar and represent the traditional look and feel of security cameras. Employees and customers are typically more comfortable with dome cameras, which blend into surroundings better than a bullet camera would.

Where should I install my security cameras?

We will happily assist with camera placement. Our team uses a diverse set of in-house tools to map out the interior and exterior of your facility and make educated camera placement recommendations. At a minimum, cameras should be watching high-risk or high-trafficked areas, as well as entrances and exits to your facility.

Selecting Your Partner

Before selecting the security integrator you want to work with, it's important to think about your needs and what you want to accomplish. The ideal candidate to lead your project should be trained in and offer the following:

  • Prompt and reliable response times
  • Integration and configuration services
  • Hands-on experience combining new and old surveillance technology
  • Ability to customize security system to your needs and facility's technical requirements
  • Firm understanding of your industry and its security weaknesses
  • Exceedingly considerate of your schedule and needs
  • Add-on services for sophisticated or complex projects

Proven Track Record Helping Small Businesses has a strong background helping small business owners just like you implement cost-effective and dependable security camera systems. Our experience speaks for itself. From configuration services to software tutorials, we help facilitate a smooth and successful installation.

For real examples of some of the small business owners and industries we've worked with, we recommend checking out our portfolio of case studies. From Harley-Davidson and Planet Fitness to Portland Roasting, we've designed hybrid IP and analog systems for a variety of business models. You can read more of our case studies at:

Trusted Security Integrator

The installation of a state-of-the-art video surveillance system can successfully curtail day-to-day challenges and let you focus on what you're best at - operating a business. When you get in touch with us, one of our project consultants will assess your business location and determine the right security solution for your distinct needs. Call us at or email us at: to get started.