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Video surveillance is a powerful, if not necessary tool for retailers, helping to reduce shrinkage, deter theft, and improve day-to-day operations all at once.

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Reduce Shrinkage and Improve Safety

With extensive experience building retail security solutions, understands the many threats retail establishments face, including shoplifting, employee theft, flash rob theft, and even organized retail crime. By partnering with our security integrators, you’ll be on your way to improving loss prevention and minimizing cases of theft.

Free Consultation

When you connect with us, you’ll receive a free comprehensive security audit of your retail store, which entails a remote “walk-through,” discussion of your security goals, and review of your current security plan to make expert recommendations.

The benefits of installing retail security cameras are as follows:

  • Reduce internal and external theft
  • Review footage while offsite from mobile phone or tablet
  • Deter shoppers and dishonest employees
  • Save money by reducing annual theft losses
  • Save time by viewing video in real-time from smart device

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Retail Video Surveillance Blog

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