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Video Surveillance for Offices

Offices and other businesses are perfect environments for video surveillance. Although they don’t face the same theft and security risks as convenience stores or gas stations, offices have unique security risks that security cameras can help prevent.

Benefits of Video Surveillance in Business Environments

Protect employees and clients – Your employees and clients are what keep your business running. A video surveillance system in your lobby is an easy way to keep your employees, clients and their belongings safe.

Easy to install – An IP camera network can be installed and configured in minutes. Just mount the cameras and connect them to your recorder or a computer – no technicians required.

Prevent theft – Many offices, especially those in urban areas, often experience problems with intruders coming in during lunch hours and stealing belongings from desks. A camera system that monitors lobby activity is one way to help control this problem.

Risks of Reception CCTV

Employee privacy – Keep security cameras in your lobby area and other public spaces, and out of cubicles, offices, conference rooms and lunch areas.

Outages – A power surge or blackout can damage your camera or cause interruptions in recording. Although it’s rare that these damages occur, make sure you have another security system in place in case they do.

Configuration Questions for Lobbies and Office Areas

Businesses vary greatly in size and security needs, and there are many factors in deciding what kind of surveillance system is right for you. Consider each of the following when setting up your security cameras:


  • How will a video surveillance system help fix your security problems?
  • What kind of security do you currently have in place?
  • Have you had problems with security in the past?


  • Where is your business located (e.g. urban area, suburbs, rural area)
  • Do you have your own building, or do you share office space with other companies?
  • Do you have multiple offices in different areas?


  • What kind of business are you?
  • Do you have many visitors (e.g. clients, salesmen, patients)?
  • How are your records stored?
  • Do you keep confidential records or trade secrets easily accessible?


  • How large is your staff?
  • Do you have your own maintenance staff or do you hire a service?
  • Do you have a high turnover rate with your employees?
  • Have you ever had an issue with disgruntled former employees?
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