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Monitoring your surveillance system, whether through video monitoring or remote monitoring, allows you to see what has happened and quickly respond to alarms

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Active Monitoring for Improved Security

Surveillance systems give you the peace of mind that your property is protected when you're gone, but how are you managing the system while you're out? To be truly effective you should be notified instantly if something has happened through the process of setting up alerts and monitoring your system.

Common Security Monitoring Applications

  • Reduce auto theft in parking lots
  • Capture construction video of job site security
  • Prevent tampering of high security industrial and energy sites
  • Deter trespassers on facility grounds or equipment yard
  • Replace security guards in areas too unsafe or too costly to employ them

Remote Video Monitoring Your Facility

Remote monitoring gives you access to your system by logging in through your smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can watch live video, review recorded videos, and manage your system from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also set up your system to send your alerts when your system is activated, letting you know the instant something happens.

Active Video Monitoring

You can also work with a 3rd party video monitoring company to manage your system's alerts. These companies get sent alerts when your system detects activity, so they can remotely log into to view video and assess the situation. If something is happening, such as a trespasser on your property, they can notify you and the local authorities of the situation, in some cases stopping crime before it occurs.

Alarm Video Verification

If you set up your system to send you notifications when an alert is triggered, you can easily log into the system to verify it wasn't a false alarm. Your alarm notifications can be configured to include small video clips of the event, so you can see from your phone or computer what is happening.

The Benefit of Proactive Monitoring

Monitoring your surveillance system, whether you do it yourself through mobile monitoring or by hiring a 3rd party service, allows you to get instant notifications of alerts so you can react quickly to any situation. Travel comfortably and leave your property in peace knowing that you are always connected.

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