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Video Surveillance in Spokane, Washington

Call us at to speak with an IP video specialist today. Our experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the right video surveillance equipment for your needs.

Affectionately known as the Lilac City, Spokane is the Pacific Northwest’s third largest city, and quite possibly the region’s sweetest smelling. The city is situated on the Spokane River in Washington State’s eastern half, just 20 miles from the Idaho border. Recent estimates indicate that more than half a million people live in the region that includes the city of Spokane and its surrounding communities.

This historic city continues to grow, and as it does, so does its need for video surveillance installations in a range of applications.

IP Surveillance and CCTV for Spokane Attractions

Spokane is loaded with historic points of interest as well as exciting new attractions. From the sprawling Palisades Park conservation area to Riverfront Park, with its newly rebuilt Skyline gondola, the city has its fair share of notable hotspots. IP cameras and surveillance installations can function not only to protect these inviting areas, but also to provide a sense of security to those looking to enjoy all the city has to offer.

Security Cameras for Spokane Mass Transit

Mass transit in Spokane consists primarily of bus routes operated by the Spokane Transit Authority. The buses operate on local routes as well as commuter routes to outlying areas. Plans are also underway for a Spokane Regional Lightrail System which is targeted to be operational by 2014 if it receives proper backing from the community. In mass transit systems such as these, video surveillance systems are often utilized to protect passengers, drivers, and equipment from acts of crime and vandalism.

Video Cameras and Surveillance for Spokane Railways

Spokane serves as a major rail junction for Amtrak train service continuing on to Seattle and Portland. The Spokane Intermodal Center operates as a train station, refueling stop and service facility for the Amtrak Empire Builder, while also serving as Spokane’s Greyhound and Trailways station. Security cameras can play a significant role in such facilities, working to enhance passenger safety, while ensuring that only authorized workers gain access to restricted areas and vehicles.

IP Cameras and Surveillance Installations for Spokane Air Travel

The Spokane International airport is the second largest airport in the state of Washington. It is situated just west of the city and serves many travelers to and from the regions of Spokane, Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Comprehensive video surveillance is essential in maintaining secure airport operations.

Surveillance Systems for Campus Security in Spokane

Spokane is home to a number of university campuses including Gonzaga University, Whitworth College, and several other branches and community colleges. Campus security is extremely important, and video surveillance cameras can play a vital role in providing students, faculty and staff with secure facilities and surroundings.

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