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Video Surveillance in Everett, Washington

Call us at to speak with an IP video specialist today. Our experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the right video surveillance equipment for your needs.

The city of Everett is situated 25 miles north of Seattle, nestled on the banks of Port Gardner Bay with picturesque views of the Olympic Mountains. This beautiful city is the birthplace of singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins, but that is certainly not all it is known for. Everett is home to the second largest marina on the west coast, as well as the largest building in the world; Boeing’s assembly plant for the 747, 767, 777, and the new 787. The city features a variety of parks and luscious gardens, and it waterfront attracts tourists and locals alike. When it comes to keeping Everett safe and secure, there are a variety of areas in which video surveillance can play an important role.

Marina Video Surveillance in Everett

The Port of Everett Marina provides moorage for over 2,000 boats. IP surveillance enhances security for marinas, while allowing boat owners to view live images of their vessels remotely. Many marinas are now streaming surveillance video footage online in order to provide this service.

The Port of Everett also plays a huge role in supporting the operations of aerospace giant Boeing, along with bringing in foreign goods from around the world. Security cameras help to ensure the port’s daily operations run smoothly and safely.

Security Cameras and IP Surveillance for the Aerospace Industry in Everett

The Boeing assembly plant in Everett is enormous. In fact, it’s the largest building on the planet by volume (472,000,000 cubic feet). This is where Boeing’s jetliners are built, so it’s not like they have problems filling up the space. Along with building planes, the assembly plant also attracts visitors to its Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour. In order to secure such a massive and important complex, a comprehensive video surveillance network is a must.

IP Cameras and Surveillance for Naval Station Everett

Naval Station Everett opened for business in 1994 as the U.S. Navy’s most modern facility. There are around 6000 sailors and civil service personnel assigned to commands located at the station, which plays a pivotal role in providing maintenance and supporting U.S. Navy operating forces. A station of this magnitude requires cutting edge security cameras and IP surveillance technology in order to maintain the highest level of security possible.

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