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We’ve successfully implemented thousands of projects across the nation, including security camera systems in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our video surveillance systems give you the power to protect your facility.

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Philadelphia Video Surveillance

With our "Supported Self-Installation" service, we make it easy and affordable to implement a professional-quality surveillance system. Our specialists work with you to remotely design custom video security systems from our office in Portland, Oregon. We can also save you money by helping you manage installation through our network of installer partners. Click here to learn more.

Supported Self-Installation Benefits

  • Reduce lead time - no scheduling conflicts or waiting
  • Remote implementation ensures a working, secure system
  • Save installation time with pre-configuration
  • Save money by using your own staff
  • Remote assessment & proposal
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Philadelphia Security Camera Systems

With an economy driven by information technology as well as the arts and fine dining, Philadelphia’s industry is as diverse as its people. Sometimes referred to as “The City of Neighborhoods,” over 1.5 million call Philadelphia home at no less than 37 million tourists visit annually to get a taste of its rich history... and cheesesteaks. With so much technology and well-preserved national history serving as a beacon to so many, maintaining a strong sense of security throughout the City of Brotherly Love is crucial. has been a long-time provider of security systems to commercial customers alike in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. From working class South Philly to bustling Center City and all the way out to residential Manayunk, we serve all of Philadelphia’s neighborhoods, as well as its suburban and outlying areas. Talk to Us to learn how we can enhance security and convenience for your business with a professional quality video surveillance system.

Professional Security Camera Consultants

At [], we feature a broad spectrum of IP and CCTV security cameras, as well as pre-configured and custom-designed security systems for every budget. We specialize in integrating video surveillance cameras with NVRs and VMS recording solutions, wireless networking, and other essential surveillance technologies to provide an end-to-end professional security solution for your business environment. One of the great benefits of IP surveillance is being able to view your live camera feed from your smartphone or tablet device, offering you the freedom and peace of mind to go anywhere without losing sight of your business. You can learn more about mobile surveillance by contacting one of our IP video experts today.

We offer an impressive selection of security solutions built to serve Philadelphia’s eclectic tapestry of industry and history. If you need to install security cameras inside your towering office high-rise or quaint designer boutique, we have you covered! Our diverse selection of security solutions are also well-suited to provide optimal surveillance for five-star restaurant patrons dining al fresco or tourists visiting such historical landmarks as the Liberty Bell. has a security solution to suit any business need.

Our impressive selection of IP surveillance cameras are able to withstand both Philly’s rough winters and hot, humid summers. A number of our outdoor-ready cameras can be fitted with an optional, protective enclosure that includes either a heater or a fan to ensure your surveillance system works to its fullest potential regardless of fluctuating city temperatures. You can find out more about our wide range of outdoor surveillance cameras by calling or sending us a quick message.

Notably, Philly has more artistically-rendered murals than any other city in the U.S. To quell the eyesore of urban blight and graffiti, Philadelphia enlisted the aid of professional artists to beautify the city with murals and public art works. Yet, that still doesn’t stop vandals and criminals from trying to leave their signature throughout the city. To combat would-be criminals from defacing or damaging public or private property, offers vandal-proof and tamper-proof cameras outfitted with metal casings to prevent lens damage in the event of maltreatment or abuse. Learn more about our wide range of outdoor surveillance cameras and vandal-proof cameras by calling or sending us a quick message.

Philadelphia Business Video Surveillance Systems designs some of the most advanced security camera systems offered on the market today. Many of our systems are designed with business owners in-mind. We understand that it’s a necessity to monitor your business throughout the day and even after regular business hours. features a sizeable selection of pre-configured video surveillance systems for small and large businesses. These cost-effective systems come equipped with everything a business needs to deploy new security cameras, including all cabling, PoE switches, and a network video recorder (NVR) to view, manage, and record surveillance footage. For businesses on a budget, also offers CCTV security camera kits.

Businesses can maximize efficiency and employee performance, as well as boost ROI with a professional IP surveillance system. Network video technology allows for POS software integration so you can keep track of all customer transactions, returns, exchanges, and receipt activity.

These systems can also provide you with a way to view customer behavior and traffic, offering you greater insight into your business and customer base. Awareness of customer habits such as the hours when they are most likely to patronize your business and the areas of your store they gravitate towards gives you a significant edge over competitors. You can then use these findings to stage sales events and other attention-grabbing marketing tactics. These surveillance systems also enable you to observe employee behavior and track production. Installing a video surveillance system ultimately helps you create a safer, more productive work environment.

Larger businesses are encouraged to take advantage of our customized security camera systems. Our talented team of IP video technicians are armed with the experience and know-how to ensure a smooth integration with existing corporate IT infrastructures. This is especially useful for companies and organizations that have defined policies, requirements, or limitations when it comes to security.

Partner with for Security Camera Installation

What sets us apart from others video surveillance companies is our free Virtual Integration Program (VIP) and DIY installation support, which we provide at no cost to all of our customers. We carefully evaluate your needs, technical requirements, and location to determine the best possible surveillance solution for your budget.

With new technologies and support from, many customers choose to set up their system themselves. It’s easy to see why: DIY installation can really save you money.

We make self-installation easy, with systems that include everything you need to get going. IP cameras with Power Over Ethernet (PoE) and our Camera Configuration Service make security camera setup virtually “plug and play.” Should you need assistance, our experienced technicians are available Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm PST to support you before, during, and after system installation and setup.

To learn more about our installation support services, please check out our support pages. There, you can discover more about our installation partners and what can offer you in terms of virtual installation.

If you require additional help in setting up your new surveillance system, we can connect you with one of our authorized IP video installers in your neighborhood. has built long-term partnerships with professional security installers and dealers throughout the Philadelphia area.

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