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Salem Video Surveillance Services

As the capital of Oregon, it’s no surprise that Salem’s largest employer is the State of Oregon with over 21,000 employees. With the number of government facilities peppering the city, security remains a chief priority and concern year-round. In addition to hosting the state’s government headquarters, Salem is home to Chemeketa Community College, Corban University, and Willamette University, the latter of which holds title as one of the oldest universities on the West Coast. has a longstanding background serving Salem, designing and installing end-to-end security camera systems for business clients throughout the city.

Surveillance system experts for clients in Salem and nearby areas, including: Albany, Keizer, and Portland

Call us now to learn how our expert IP video experts can improve security for your business or organization with a professional-quality video surveillance system. Our staff of IP video technicians and installation professionals is pleased to provide on-site installation services to our Salem clients.

Salem’s Professional Security Camera Consultants

At we offer a vast supply of security camera solutions, including but not limited to IP and CCTV surveillance cameras, pre-configured camera systems, network and digital recording devices, cabling, and security equipment. Our specialty lies in delivering turn-key IP video systems as well as custom designed security solutions for projects of all sizes.

When it comes to designing scalable IP video surveillance systems, we’re one step ahead of the curve. Our seasoned professionals are highly adept at IP camera & NVR configuration, CCTV-IP video migration, mobile/remote viewing, wireless network design, and much more.

If you haven’t yet heard about IP-based security systems and are currently using analog/CCTV cameras, we’re here to help you make that transition. By taking advantage of our on-site installation services, we’ll be there in person to help your business make the move from an outdated, analog-based camera system to a versatile, mobile-ready IP camera system. If you’re ready learn about all the benefits of owning an IP video surveillance system or want to inquire about our on-site installations, contact us now for a free consultation.

IP video gives you the ability to easily view live video from your smartphone or tablet device. You’ll never have to worry about losing sight of your business or organization when you have video right at your fingers tips. We have the know-how and experience to assist with Port Forwarding, DDNS, and other setup procedures to get your camera up and streaming – securely – on your smartphone or tablet. If you’re eager to hear more about mobile surveillance and compatible devices, you can contact of our IP video experts today.

Security Systems and IP Cameras for Salem Businesses

Here at, our venerable security installers design some of the most technologically advanced IP systems for Salem businesses. We’ll carefully review and evaluate your security needs and technical requirements, enabling us to make expert recommendations regarding camera placement and storage management.

In addition, our team will perform a remote or on-site security audit of your facility to design an IP video surveillance solution specifically tailored to your project. For on-site visits, we take care of the IP video system configuration and installation to make certain your business is fully protected and secured.

IP camera systems offer far more than standard security monitoring, and that’s their ability to enhance businesses efficiency, maximize ROI, and improve employee performance. Network -- or IP -- video technology is designed for POS software integration so you can keep track of customer transactions, returns, exchanges, and receipt activity in a streamlined, timely manner. With these multi-functional surveillance systems you can monitor customer traffic and customer behavior, so you know what customers are buying and how often. Knowing when your customers are most likely to patronize your business and where they go once inside your store can give you an edge over competition. You’ll be able to implement sales events around these store areas to increase revenue and boost your marketing efforts. Additionally, IP video systems are compatible with many of today’s employee tracking software systems to cultivate a more productive working environment.

Organization and School Surveillance Services in Salem

Not only do we serve a diverse range of business clients, but we also have a prominent foothold in security among nonprofits, school districts, college campuses, and government buildings. boasts an unprecedented background performing on-site installations in educational facilities and organizations throughout Oregon, as well as designing and deploying custom IP video surveillance systems for every kind of building and infrastructure.

Notably, has provided full-scale video surveillance solutions to school districts throughout the U.S. We’ve installed cost-effective security camera systems at wide variety of educational institutions -- from charter schools and community colleges to high schools and other specialty learning academies. Our team of IP video professionals brings its vast knowledge and field work to create and install a master security camera system that will help keep your institution protected against intruders and unwanted visitors.

Partner with for Security Camera Installation in Salem

What makes us different than other security installers is our unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction. Our on-site installation services consist of planning, operating, and configuring your security camera system to ensure it operates at peak performance. We don’t just perform a simple installation – we take the time to show you how to use all of your IP camera system’s features before the installation is complete. From HD resolution to motion detection, you can trust us to show you how to make the most of your system’s features.

For those who prefer to perform the installation on their own, we provide complimentary consulting, virtual integration, camera configuration services and reliable technical support to all of our clients. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time (10am – 8am EST).

Call us now today to discuss your video surveillance options for your business or organization.