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Corvallis Video Surveillance Services

Located in Central Oregon, Corvallis has a healthy population of just over 55,000. Corvallis’ biggest employers include Oregon State University, Samaritan Health Services, Siga Technologies, and Evanite Fiber, among others. Corvallis is the largest city within the Albany-Corvallis-Lebanon Combined Statistical Area. It’s also recognized by the federal Environmental Protection Agency as one of the top cities in the U.S. that purchases electricity made from renewable sources.

Surveillance system experts for clients in Corvallis and nearby areas, including Philomath.

Call us now to learn how our well-versed IP video experts can augment security for your business or organization with a high-powered video surveillance system. Our team of IP video experts is proud to offer on-site installation services to our McMinnville customers.

Corvallis’ Professional Security Camera Consultants

At we offer a sweeping variety of upscale, yet affordable security solutions, including but not limited to IP and CCTV security cameras, pre-configured surveillance systems, NVRs and DVRs, cabling, and other essential accessories and power equipment. Our specialty lies in the design of turn-key IP surveillance systems as well as custom security solutions for indoor and outdoor projects of any size.

When it comes to assembling scalable IP video surveillance systems, we’re one step ahead of the rest. Our crack team of experts is highly adept at IP camera & NVR configuration, CCTV-IP video migration, mobile/remote viewing, wireless network design, and much more.

If you currently use analog/CCTV cameras, and want to upgrade to IP video, we’re here to help you make that transition. With our on-site installation services, your business or organization can easily move from a traditional, analog-based camera system to a versatile, mobile-ready IP video surveillance system. Interested in hearing more benefits of IP video? Or, do you want to inquire about our on-site installations? Contact us now for a free consultation.

With an IP camera system, you can monitor and record video from your smartphone or tablet device, giving you the confidence to go anywhere without losing sight of your property. We’re armed with the know-how and experience to assist with Port Forwarding, DDNS, and other setup procedures to get your camera up and running – securely – on your smartphone or tablet. You can find out more about mobile surveillance and compatible smartphones by contacting one of our IP video specialists today.

Security Systems and IP Cameras for Corvallis Businesses

Our well-educated IP video technicians construct some of the most technologically advanced IP systems for McMinnville businesses. We’ll carefully assess your security needs and technical requirements to make expert recommendations regarding camera placement, camera features, storage options, and more.

We’ll also perform a virtual (remote) or on-site security audit of your facility as part of the process of designing an IP video surveillance solution that is most suitable for your project. For on-site visitation, we perform the IP video system configuration and installation to make certain your business is fully protected and secured against would-be criminals.

IP video camera systems are engineered for much more than simple monitoring; they can increase businesses efficiency, maximize ROI, and bolster employee performance. Network -- or IP -- video technology is designed for POS software integration so you can keep track of customer transactions, returns, exchanges, and receipt activity with ease. These systems give you the power to monitor customer traffic and customer behavior, so you know what customers are buying and how often. Knowing your customers’ patterns and behaviors can give you a significant edge over the competitor pool. In addition, IP video systems are compatible with many of today’s employee tracking software systems to create a more productive working environment.

Organization and School Surveillance Services in Corvallis is proud to serve nonprofits, school districts, college campuses, and government (federal & state) facilities. has an impressive background performing on-site installations in educational facilities and organizations throughout Oregon, as well as designing and implementing custom IP video surveillance systems for every kind of building and infrastructure out there -- indoor and outdoor. has developed cost-effective security camera systems for a wide variety of educational institutions -- from charter schools and community colleges to high schools and other specialty learning academies. Our team of IP video experts is armed with the skills, proficiency, and background to put together a master security camera system that will act as a day and night shield against outside threats like vandalism, break-ins, and theft.

Partner with for Security Camera Installation in Corvallis

What sets us apart from other security firms is our steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. Our on-site installation services include everything from the system design and security audit to on-site installation and configuration. We don’t just perform a simple installation – we make it our mission to show and teach you how to use all of your IP camera system’s features before the installation is finalized. From HD resolution to low-light recording, you can trust us to show you how to make the most of your system’s components.

If you prefer DIY installation, we also provide complimentary consulting, virtual integration, camera configuration services, and reliable technical support to all customers. You can get in touch with us by phone Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time (10am – 8am EST).

Give us a call today to discuss your video surveillance options for your company, organization, or educational facility.

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