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Video Surveillance in Beaverton, Oregon

With its eponymous history and placid, suburban atmosphere, Beaverton does not seem like much except just another suburb. Quite the contrary. Underneath its sleepy exterior, Beaverton hides major corporate campuses (most notably Nike world headquarters), a booming population and the promise to become the second largest city in Oregon. With all this potential, it naturally follows that video surveillance technology and security cameras are integral to maintaining Beaverton’s booming economy.

Security Cameras and the Nike World Headquarters

Whether you like it or not, Nike is one of the most recognizable names in the world, with its products worn by elite athletes, amateurs and fashionistas alike. Nike’s world headquarters is located in Beaverton, and it is not just a bunch of office buildings. It is a sprawling campus of attractive buildings, employee gyms, and recreational fields strung together by a series of wooded trails. To keep its intrepid staff safe during their daily constitutionals, Nike protects its HQ with security cameras, security guards and mobile patrols. Nike security cameras have to do a bit more than simply protect the offices, they have to go one step beyond and protect the acres of land surrounding them, and probably utilize weather-proof housing and specialized outdoor housings to keep the campus safe at all times.

Video Surveillance and Beaverton’s Growing Future

Beaverton has mighty projections for its future; it aims to be second only in Portland to size some day, and that means a lot of growth for the little ‘burb which is currently the sixth largest city in Oregon. However, Beaverton’s booming population, continued development and business growth bode well for the town’s future; making it an ideal target for growing families, as well as aspiring video surveillance installers and security integrators. Video surveillance will surely be a part of Beaverton’s expanding growth, a vital force in maintaining security during a time of transition.

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