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Video Surveillance in Reno, Nevada

Call us at 877-478-1911 to speak with an IP video specialist today. Our experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the right video surveillance equipment for your needs.

Affectionately dubbed “The Biggest Little City in the World”. Reno is located in northern Nevada, a stone's throw away from the clear waters of Lake Tahoe. It's the second largest city in Nevada, and until Las Vegas took over in the 60’s, it was the national capital for gaming and casinos. Although most of the glitz and glamour once associated with Reno has migrated south to Las Vegas, Reno is still alive and well. Its casinos, including Harrahs (founded and still headquartered in Reno), attract visitors from around the world each year. Reno's wide variety of industry, its assortment of tourist attractions and growing businesses in and around the city are all attractive options for video surveillance integrators and security camera installers, and video surveillance is a great security tool for the city of Reno.

Security Cameras at Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Reno-Tahoe Airport offers service from most major national carriers and handles thousands of tourists and thrill seekers each year as they pass through Reno and the surrounding areas. Escalated fear of threats has made security cameras a prerequisite of airport security, and Reno-Tahoe international airport is no exception. Their system of digital security cameras (also known as IP cameras) was recently upgraded. Airport security cameras allow security staff to keep a close eye on multiple areas of the airport at once, especially valuable for busy airports like Reno-Tahoe international. With concerns about stray bags and suspicious characters higher than ever, airport security cameras are valuable resource for staying on top of security.

IP Video Cameras for Reno Gaming

Casinos like the Nugget, the Peppermill and Harrah's made Reno into the city it is today, and they are still a vital element of Reno's economy. Reno's casinos host thousands of gaming tourists each year, who come to play games like poker or slot machines for recreation. These casinos also host game tournaments, for events like the world Scrabble championship. Coordinating a large volume of visitors and events while maintaining safety and order can be difficult. IP video allows casino management and security officials to provide a high level of service to their customers while maintaining an extremely high level of security. Flexible setup, high quality footage and easy maintenance make IP video systems a natural choice for casinos, while features like remote monitoring and e-mail and mobile phone alerts make it easy for security staff to actively pursue and resolve security issues.

Surveillance Cameras for Reno Museums

Believe it or not, tourists come to Reno for more than gaming. Reno has several interesting museums, including the National Automobile Museum, which is home to many rare cares as well as a “Jerrari”; a full-size Jeep SUV with a Ferrari engine. This priceless inventory is the main focus of the museum, and therefore of the highest importance to secure. Surveillance cameras are a great way to protect this important asset for years to come.

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