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Video Surveillance in Silicon Valley, California

Call us at to speak with an IP video specialist today. Our experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the right video surveillance equipment for your needs.

Silicon Valley - a stretch of land south of the San Francisco Bay that is home to many high-tech companies - first earned its name in 1970 when a local journalist coined the term to describe the industrious manufacturing and high-tech research occurring in the area. However, Silicon Valley didn't become a household name until the personal computing boom of the 1980s and 1990s. Silicon Valley is home to many technology and networking giants, including Google, Apple Computers, eBay, Yahoo! and EA Games. The value of products and services that are produced in Silicon Valley and an emphasis on development and intellectual property has made security extremely important in Silicon Valley. Video surveillance is a useful tool for maintaining this type of security, and high-tech companies like Google and Yahoo! can benefit from the flexibility IP video security systems provide.

IP Video and Building Security in Silicon Valley

The first step to securing a company is to secure the building itself. An IP video security system around the perimeter of an office building or corporate campus can help security staff identify possible intruders from a distance and act accordingly. Cameras mounted near entrances and exits of buildings are also helpful as they record every visitor and employee who enters and exits. An established pattern of entrances and exits makes it easier to notice abnormalities and prevent harm.

Protecting Silicon Valley Intellectual Property with Security Cameras

Proprietary information is the backbone of most companies based in Silicon Valley. Take Google, for example. Its success is almost entirely based on the secrecy of its search algorithms, which are closely guarded and only known by a select handful of top engineers. Technological developments and innovations from Silicon Valley depend on this proprietary information to succeed, and companies depend on tough security to protect their information. Video surveillance, especially security cameras with recent advancements like video analytics, can help keep company secrets in the right hands.

IP Video and Tech Innovations in Silicon Valley

The stiff competition between Silicon Valley companies has introduced many technological innovations in the past, including improved computer processor speeds, more efficient computers and personal computing devices and better and more efficient software. The same could go for IP video, which uses internet networks to transport footage instead of traditional coaxial cable. IP video has tremendous growth potential because of its flexible security and easy access. Extensive use of IP video technology to protect Silicon Valley office buildings could spur the growth and further development of the technology, which could benefit the company, the customer and security installers and integrators.

Silicon Valley Municipal Security Cameras

Silicon Valley isn't a town, but an area - usually defined as the Santa Clara Valley (south of San Francisco), extending north to Fremont and San Mateo and extending southwards to the Santa Cruz Mountains. San Jose sits right in the heart of the region. This densely populated area explosive growth in the 1980s and 1990s when high tech professionals flocked to Silicon Valley, and is still growing. Municipal security cameras in Silicon Valley towns and cities can help protect citizens and keep areas safe, encouraging growth and community. Developments like wireless mesh technology, which would enable a city or township to manage a widespread network of wireless cameras, would fit right into the high-tech attitude of Silicon Valley. Increasing use of municipal cameras and integration of new technologies is a great opportunity for security camera installers to expand their customer bases, and for security integrators to show off new technologies.

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