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Video Surveillance in San Jose, California

What comes to your mind when you think about San Jose? Probably not much - maybe an echo of a popular Burt Bacharach song or a distant memory of a hockey team. To non-Californians, San Jose may seem like a pretty insignificant town, but appearances can be deceiving. San Jose is the third largest city in California, and the tenth-largest in the US. It's home to nearly a million people, and is the birthplace of Silicon Valley. Security cameras and video surveillance are a valuable security tool to keep this vital industry center secure.

San Jose Sports Teams and Security Cameras

There are many national-level professional sports teams that call San Jose home, including the San Jose Sharks. Stadiums like the HP Pavilion host thousands of spectators each year for sporting events, conventions and other gatherings. Security cameras are an essential part of such a large-scale security operation, and help ensure that fans, teams and employees are safe while helping security easily coordinate duties and keep an eye out for trouble.

Security Cameras and Silicon Valley

Nearly forty years after its naming, Silicon Valley is a term that is, by now, firmly rooted in the national lexicon. Referring to the valley sheltering San Jose from the fog and rain of the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley hosts a large number of major tech companies, such as Apple and Google. These companies were vital in creating and developing the way that we use computers and the internet today. The rapid pace of development in Silicon Valley will have heavy influence on the networking and high-tech industries for years to come. In a land of cutthroat competition, and in an industry where trade secrets and technological breakthroughs catalyze million dollar profits, security is key. Video surveillance systems and IP video can help protect the intellectual property of billion-dollar companies.

Technological Innovation and IP Video

San Jose and Silicon Valley are both notable for turning out technological innovations, including software, computer chip designs, and networking. Therefore, it is not too far out to expect that Silicon Valley’ss innovative nature will help push along the development of IP video and IP surveillance. The growth of networked surveillance and IP cameras could bring many benefits to surveillance integrators and consumers alike, such as lower cost, security and integration with household systems and appliances.

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