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Video Surveillance in Orange County, California

To put the size of Orange County into perspective, consider this; it has a population of over 3,000,000 which is larger than that of 21 separate U.S. states. Located in Southern California, the OC is a major tourist destination, boasting theme parks, miles of sandy beaches and outdoor recreation. Orange County is also the center of Southern California’s Tech Coast and is home to 34 incorporated cities. Clearly, within this vast area, there are a broad range of locations where video surveillance installations can offer safety and protection.

Theme Park Surveillance in Orange County

The O.C. has no shortage of roller coasters and elephant ears. In fact, it is home to such notable theme parks as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. Surveillance cameras can play a pivotal role in a theme park setting where large crowds gather and the threat of criminal activity and instances of missing children are ever-present.

Orange County Public Transit Security Cameras and IP Surveillance

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) has been viewed as one of the best large property transportation systems in the U.S. The OCTA manages the county’s massive bus network, taxi services, tollways, road and highway project funding, and works with Metrolink to provide three lines of commuter rail service. Metrolink ridership has increased steadily in recent years, and new stations continue to open up. Security cameras are now commonplace in a variety of public transportation modes, from buses to trains and beyond. Public transit video surveillance serves to protect passengers, employees, and equipment from acts of crime, violence, and vandalism.

IP Network Cameras for Property and Home Security in Orange County

The Orange County Coast is home to some of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the United Sates. Many homeowners are now utilizing IP surveillance cameras to effectively secure their property. IP cameras allow users to view live and recorded video feeds of their homes remotely over the internet. This technology is not simply relegated to those who own the most expensive homes though. Affordable and easy-to-use digital surveillance equipment is now available so that any home owner can install an effective video security system.

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