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Video Surveillance in Oakland, California

Call us at 877-478-1911 to speak with an IP video specialist today. Our experts are on hand to guide you in selecting the right video surveillance equipment for your needs.

Just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco, Oakland rests against the Berkeley Hills on the San Francisco Bay’s eastern shore. The Bay Area has a combined population of over 7 million, and Oakland features one of the largest ports in the country. The city is home to several professional sports teams, and its nightlife and entertainment scene has become increasingly trendy and popular recently. Oakland’s population has also grown, as the east bay is an attractive alternative to the extremely high price of living in neighboring San Francisco. Video surveillance provides an extra level of security to Oakland’s residents, visitors, facilities, and day to day operations.

Port Surveillance in Oakland

The Port of Oakland is the fourth busiest container port in the United States. The massive port continues to expand its reach thanks to the fairly recent development of intermodal container transfer capabilities which allow for the transferring of containers from vessels to trucks or rail modes. Security cameras help ports to function properly and securely by providing continuous video surveillance monitoring of crucial areas and facilities.

Oakland Mass Transit Security Cameras and IP Surveillance

Oakland’s metropolitan area is serviced by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), a heavy rail public transit system. BART is headquartered in Oakland, and features 8 stations for Oakland Commuters. The system serves the entire San Francisco Bay Area. Rail systems often benefit from the security provided by video surveillance systems. Security cameras help to ensure rail transit systems function properly and can protect passengers and workers by deterring crime and helping to prevent accidents as well as acts of vandalism.

CCTV and IP Surveillance for Oakland Sports Complexes

Several professional sports teams call Oakland home; the NFL’s Oakland Raiders, the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, and Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics. Both the Raiders and the Athletics play their home games in McAffee Stadium, while the Warriors home court is Oracle Arena. CCTV cameras and IP surveillance installations help to provide safety and security in sports complexes where large crowds and high intensity can lead to inappropriate behavior and acts of crime.

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