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Video Surveillance in Long Beach, California

Situated between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach is a thriving, diverse city that plays a valuable role in the California economy. The Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest ports in the world, handling imports and exports around the clock. The Port and easy access to Los Angeles have also made Long Beach an attractive location for heavy industry and other large corporations. Long Beach is also home to California State University Long Beach. Video surveillance is a great security tool for Long Beach area businesses and attractions to keep their business, employees and visitors safe.

IP Video at the Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach is the second-busiest port in the United States, handling $96 billion of goods in 2003. The port is a vital part of the Long Beach, and it can be argued, global, economy. Security is a vital part of any successful port, and Long Beach is no exception. Any disruption to port operations could cause ripples in worldwide trade and cause widespread economic damage. IP video can provide valuable security services to port security staff. Since its introduction, IP video has changed many of the common conceptions associated with security cameras. Guards are no longer confined to sitting behind a monitor for hours at a time - their flexible layout and powerful features allow guards to actively patrol while checking in on camera feeds online or receiving notices when something troublesome happens. As the technology continues to develop, features like video analytics will help further port security, the perfect opportunity for surveillance integrators to expand.

Video Surveillance for Long Beach Businesses

Due to the large amount of cargo flowing in and out of the Port of Long Beach, businesses like Douglas Aircraft Company, Boeing and Pioneer Electronics, and many more, have chosen Long Beach for major office sites or headquarters. Video surveillance is a great security tool for corporate environments, especially headquarters where sensitive information like trade secrets and personnel records are stored. Many of these businesses likely use video surveillance cameras and security systems to protect their most sensitive documents, and as technologies like IP video become more prevalent, it will be an easier and more obvious security choice for many growing companies - a perfect opportunity for growing security system installers.

Long Beach State University Security Cameras

With over 35,000 undergraduates, Long Beach State University is the second-largest public school in California. Students flock to LBSU from all over California and the rest of the country to learn from celebrated professors, easy access to the beach, and to watch sports events at the campus' unique stadium, the Walter Pyramid. All this activity takes place on LBSU's 50-acre campus in the middle of bustling Long Beach, making security a priority. Video surveillance cameras placed in common areas, sporting arenas, libraries and classroom buildings can help keep students, staff and visitors safe, making the campus a better place to be. A safer campus can help continue LBSU's tradition of excellence by appealing to students and anxious parents - a security system could mean the difference between enrollment at LBSU or choosing a different school.

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