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Video Surveillance in Berkeley, California

Berkeley, California is located within close proximity of San Francisco, Oakland, and Silicon Valley. The city is recognized for its cultural diversity, picturesque parks, and its friendliness, as well as a fabulous restaurant and shopping scene. It is also home to the esteemed University of California Berkeley. Throughout Berkeley, there are a number of areas that can benefit from video surveillance installations. Let’s explore some examples:

Campus Surveillance at the University of California Berkeley

Providing security for a university campus is a large undertaking. From student dormitories to sports complexes, classroom buildings and everything in between, there is a vast assortment of unique locations to monitor. Concerns over campus security are stronger than ever, and many schools are upgrading their surveillance systems with the latest digital technology. IP network cameras, for instance, enable authorized security personnel to view footage remotely on any network PC with access. Digital video footage also allows for enhanced storage and viewing capabilities. A comprehensive video surveillance system can go a long way in protecting students, facilities, faculty, and campus employees from potential threats.

Berkeley Public Transit Security Cameras

Berkeley is served by a number of transportation services including Amtrak, BART, AC Transit, and UC Berkeley bus shuttles. It is becoming almost standard practice for buses, trains, and other forms of public transportation to now include onboard surveillance cameras. Additionally many transportation facilities, such as subway stations are closely monitored. Security cameras help to enhance safety for passengers, drivers, transportation employees, and the facilities and vehicles themselves. Preventing acts of terrorism, and other disturbances such as vandalism and violent crime are of key concern.

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