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Video Surveillance in Bakersfield, California

John Steinbeck set many of his classic novels of farming, heartbreak and family relationships in California's Central Valley - a 400 mile crescent of fertile land that occupies most of the central part of the state. Bakersfield, the eleventh largest city in California (and the third-largest inland city, behind Sacramento and Fresno), lies at the base of California's Central Valley. Well known for its agriculture, Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country - enough impetus for a security-enhancing video surveillance system.

IP Video for the Expanding Bakersfield Area

2007 estimates make Bakersfield the 14th-fastest growing city and metro area in the United States. With a metropolitan area population of nearly 800,000, it's safe to say that Bakersfield has experienced explosive growth since 1980, when the population was measured at about 105,000. So what keeps people flowing to Bakersfield? In most cities, explosive growth means higher housing prices and increased violence. However, Bakersfield has remained mostly safe and has not experienced the real estate boom that many other growing cities have struggled with, making it a draw for many new citizens. A good way to keep the people of Bakersfield, especially in a growing city, is municipal security cameras. IP video cameras mounted in commercial areas and on major roads can help reduce the amount of crime - and new advances in wireless mesh technology and IP video could mean that police have access to surveillance video at any time. As Bakersfield continues to expand, the need for IP video will grow - making it a perfect opportunity for surveillance installers and IP video integrators.

Security Cameras for Bakersfield Concert Venues

Bakersfield is a country music giant, second only to Nashville, TN in the number of artists it promotes and produces. This started in Bakersfield's early years, when country legend Buck Owens brought the town into the spotlight. Today, venues in Bakersfield, including Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, put on live shows with country music stars on a regular basis. Live music events, especially those where alcohol is served, can quickly become out of control and need immediate security. Security cameras and CCTV systems, especially those that use IP cameras, can help often understaffed concert security maintain peace and help everyone enjoy the music.

CCTV and Bakersfield Agriculture

Bakersfield was built on farming, and like other towns in the Central Valley, has prospered from it. In fact, if you have a bag of carrots in your refrigerator, your lunch, or your kid's backpack, they came from Bakersfield, which is home to the two largest carrot producing companies in the world. Bakersfield also produces large amounts of garlic, and its Mediterranean climate is perfect for nuts like almonds and pistachios. The pastoral image that farms evoke doesn't make security seem like a necessity - but it is. Farm equipment, processing plants and livestock are all expensive and hot commodities. Farmers can use CCTV and IP video systems to protect their combines, equipment and other supplies.

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