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We’ve successfully implemented thousands of projects across the nation, including security camera systems in Phoenix, Arizona. Our video surveillance systems give you the power to protect your facility.

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Phoenix Video Surveillance

With our "Supported Self-Installation" service, we make it easy and affordable to implement a professional-quality surveillance system. Our specialists work with you to remotely design custom video security systems from our office in Portland, Oregon. We can also save you money by helping you manage installation through our network of installer partners. Click here to learn more.

Supported Self-Installation Benefits

  • Reduce lead time - no scheduling conflicts or waiting
  • Remote implementation ensures a working, secure system
  • Save installation time with pre-configuration
  • Save money by using your own staff
  • Remote assessment & proposal
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Phoenix at a Glance

Home to Arizona State and a convivial nightlife scene, Phoenix is the sixth most populated city in the U.S., boasting a hodgepodge of socioeconomic groups. The headquarters of seven Fortune 500 companies are located on west side of Phoenix, a major boon to the city’s economy. Here, you’ll find such big-brand companies as Banner Health, Honeywell, Wells Fargo and Target, along with 30 consular offices and 11 active foreign chambers of commerce and trade associations, most of which are situated in the heart of downtown Phoenix. With the economy showing strong signs of growth, it’s time to think about upgrading or investing in a business security system.

Phoenix’s large number of corporate buildings and foreign associations require round-the-clock surveillance to protect against theft and vandalism. More businesses are realizing that the demand for IP video cameras is going up, and here’s why: better image quality, scalability, remote monitoring capabilities, and support for HD video, among other top-of-the-line features. is no stranger to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, catering to both commercial customers. Live in a suburb of Phoenix? We can take care of your security needs too – we cover the entire city as well as its outlying areas.

Have you been thinking about investing in a security system, but aren’t sure where to start? Talk to us to learn how we can add a reliable layer of security to your business with a professional-quality video surveillance system.

Professional Security Camera Consultants

At, you’ll find scores of high-quality IP and CCTV security cameras, as well as pre-configured and custom-designed security systems for every budget. If you have special needs or a unique project, please reach out to us and we’ll work with you to find you the right surveillance solution.

You know you’re in good hands when you work with us, and that’s because of the amount of experience and knowledge we have on IP camera technology. We’re adept in connecting HD quality surveillance cameras with NVRs and VMS recording solutions, setting up wireless networking, and injecting other essential surveillance technologies to provide an end-to-end professional security solution for your business environment.

IP video is incredibly convenient, and fits into your day-to-day schedule. You can view live and recorded camera feed from your smartphone or tablet device, giving you the freedom to go just about anywhere without losing sight of your business. Lean all the benefits of mobile surveillance by contacting one of our IP video experts today.

What about camera features? Our weather-proof IP cameras are fully capable of recording high-quality video in a desert environment like Phoenix, which is notoriously hot in the summer. Each outdoor camera is specially engineered to endure the hottest temperatures, even over 100 degrees in some models. Don’t assume that such high temperatures will prevent you from finding a powerful surveillance camera; many of IP cameras out there can provide excellence coverage in the sweltering heat as well as indoor areas that lack air conditioning. Browse our extensive line of outdoor surveillance cameras or reach out to one of our skilled IP video technicians.

Phoenix Business Video Surveillance Systems is your online resource for IP video cameras and video management software as well as security accessories and equipment. We take the extra time to ensure our video surveillance systems are designed for you, and only you. is also proud to offer pre-configured video surveillance systems for small and large businesses. These all-inclusive systems come complete with everything you need to deploy your new IP cameras, including all cabling, PoE switches, and a network video recorder (NVR) to view, manage, and record surveillance footage – on your smartphone or laptop! Trying to save some money or need to stick to a budget? We totally understand which is why we offer affordable CCTV security camera kits. We have options for everyone.

What Else can Cameras Do?

Security camera systems can also offer businesses an effective way to maximize efficiency and employee performance, as well as boost ROI. Network video technology allows for POS software integration so you can keep track of all customer transactions, returns, exchanges, and receipt activity. Your new IP camera system and software will give you peace of mind so you don’t have to constantly worry about your business.

Video surveillance cameras can also help with operations monitoring, allowing you to peak in on the POS station, the entrances and exits, and store aisles to get a better idea as to where customers are heading once inside your store. Understanding what areas of the store attract the most amount of customers can definitely give you an edge over competition, because now you’re in control to make those areas of the store even more appealing with sales and new products.

Large enterprises benefit in many other ways by purchasing an IP video surveillance system. For example, opting for a customized security camera system ensures that the system will integrate nicely with your existing IT infrastructure and meet your company’s security requirements. We customize our systems by working with you to determine your requirements, limitations, and preferences.

Partner with for Security Camera Installation

Always partner with a security camera company you can depend on – one who takes the time to assess your needs from the beginning. When you select us as your partner, you’ll have access to our free Virtual Integration Program (VIP) and DIY installation support, two services that you won’t find anywhere else. The free VIP and DIY services make the installation process easy, and straight-forward. Leave it to us to do the configuring and remote monitoring set-up so you can start tapping into your surveillance system on your smartphone or tablet. How are we able to do this? We use a variety of tools to examine your property inside and out as well as your internet settings and computer system. You can rest assured we will help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible by recommending camera models based on your budget, determining optimal camera placement options, and suggesting any other security equipment you may need to complete the installation.

Thanks to our free Virtual Integration Program and technical support service, many of our customers feel comfortable setting up their systems on their own versus hiring outside help. It’s easy to see why: DIY installation saves money. Another reason our customers choose to implement the system on their own is that most IP camera systems are powered with PoE, which automatically reduces the number of cables you need to start up your cameras. Just one Ethernet (network) cable is necessary to power your system – how convenient is that?! So forget about lugging around those cumbersome cables used in CCTV/analog systems – IP camera systems are built for placement in just about anywhere.

We advise you to take a closer look at our Camera Configuration Service page. Here, we explain how our IP experts are able to turn your system into a "plug and play" set up. Should you need assistance, our experienced technicians are available Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm PST to assist you before, during, and after system installation. You can’t find better video surveillance support out there.

For a full understanding of our installation support services, please check out our installation, configuration, and system design pages. There, you can discover more about our installation partners and what can offer you in terms of integration.

If for some reason you would prefer outside help to install your system, we can connect you with one of our authorized IP video installers in your neighborhood. has forged long-term partnerships with professional security installers and dealers throughout Phoenix and its suburbs.

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