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Secure K-12 school buildings and protect students and teachers with a video surveillance system.

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Protect Schools from Violence & Intruders

The threat of violence in schools has prompted the need for improved security and safety standards. Video surveillance is a vital component of any security plan, especially in a school environment where our most vulnerable population comes to learn. Our surveillance experts understand schools’ distinct security demands and specialize in building custom surveillance solutions for learning institutions and campuses across the country. Below are some of the major benefits surveillance systems provide to schools:

Benefits of School Surveillance

Safety: Strategically placed security cameras help maintain safety in your school, acting as a deterrent to misconduct. The very presence of a surveillance system in a school building lets visitors know—as well as students and faculty—that all actions are monitored and recorded.

Visitor Monitoring: One problem many schools continually struggle with is tighter access control for visitors. By installing security cameras at entrance doors, school administrators can see every individual who walks through and notice any red flags immediately.

Vandalism Deterrence:Video surveillance cameras better protect your school campus against vandalism. Schools are often a target of petty criminals or ill-intended students who are looking to deface property. Catch these perpetrators in the act by installing cameras on the school’s exterior and in open spaces such as the parking lot.

Liability:As a liable institution, schools are accountable for the faculty’s behavior and interactions with students. Ensure the faculty and children are protected against false claims with an objective third-party prospective of a surveillance camera.

Experts in School Security

Video surveillance in schools holds tremendous value and shouldn’t be taken lightly, which is why it’s important to work with a true expert when building out your school’s security plan. Our team has the expertise and background to lead your school in a safer direction. Speak to an education security specialist now by calling or email us. We will provide an in-depth project assessment and work with any district budget limitations or requirements to ensure your security needs are met.

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