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Video Surveillance & Security Camera Kits

Security camera kits are becoming a more common element for businesses and organizations of all sizes. There are many benefits to adding video surveillance cameras to a property especially now that users view their cameras via the Internet whenever they are not on site. Many users have invested in camera surveillance camera kits that contain 4, 8, or 16 cameras to provide optimal interior and exterior protection against outside threats.

Video surveillance kits come with everything you need to safeguard your commercial location, including a reliable NVR device and Cat5e Cables to deploy your new network security cameras. These all-inclusive surveillance camera kits are built to record any suspicious activity that occurs, including break-ins. Video evidence has proven crucial in bringing thieves to justice. However, if you do not have the adequate amount of cameras installed onto your property, you may miss the opportunity to catch criminal activity. This is why opting for security camera kits is a wise investment.

Making a Choice in Business Security

Choosing the right security camera kit for your commercial property may seem daunting at first due to the number of options available. The choices can get overwhelming especially when you have not employed surveillance and security systems in your location before. Here at, we will carefully analyze the layout of your property to help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right video surveillance kit for you. We will determine potential security threats within your business, and make recommendations as to what type of surveillance camera will be the most effective. The good news is that security camera kits come with all the necessary equipment to install your cameras on the day of delivery.

There are several things to consider when choosing the most cost-effective video surveillance kit for your business or organization. A professional security integrator company like can be of tremendous help especially when a customizable security camera kit can be developed to cater to your specific space and property needs. will happily pre-configure your surveillance camera kit to ensure a smooth deployment.

We offer video surveillance kits for both indoor and outdoor environments. Our featured security camera kits showcase sophisticated network video recorders that have the capacity to store recorded video for several weeks at a time. These network video recorders also allow you to tap into your security camera kits remotely when you’re off-site so you don’t have to be near your surveillance cameras 24-7, an extremely convenient feature for owners and managers who are out of the office. Cloud surveillance permits users to monitor their security cameras from virtually any device with Internet access, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

We also include all the necessary cabling to aid in the installation process. One of the advantages of network video is the absence of heavy-duty wiring. Network video requires just one network cable to operate. We have included Cat5e cables in each of these kits so you can get your security cameras up and running in no time.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The security camera kits offered by can be fully customized to meet the growing surveillance demands of your application. Having a customized surveillance camera kit designed for your space eases the installation process, and contains surveillance equipment that is tailored specifically for your property. can create systems that have a combination of indoor and outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, or covert cameras to provide the surveillance coverage that you expect. There are many types of security camera systems that are sold in a box at local stores, but these systems have many limitations that a customized surveillance camera kit does not. Store-bought systems have many flaws, including their price and inability to offer the best protection that your specific application warrants. They often utilize archaic technology that is not up to par with today’s industry standards.

If you lack the expertise of what makes a high quality surveillance camera kit, it can be easy to make a costly mistake with your security investment. With the ever-changing environment of the security technology on the market today, you want to ensure you get the right equipment and technology. Working with a professional service provider like allows you to remain proactive about your security system without wasting money on your investment.

Consider Your Security Needs a Priority

If you have not yet considered the benefits to adding the protection of a video surveillance camera kit in your facility, it will be well worth your time to research the options available to you and consult with a professional. You might think that just because your facility or property is in a quiet area that you don’t need a proper security camera system in place. Unfortunately break-ins, theft, and vandalism affect any area, no matter how low the crime statistics are. By installing an added level of security on your property with a video surveillance kit, you can lessen the risk that you’ll become the next target.