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Learn about the basics of security camera installation below to help you better prepare for the equipment you’ll need to power up your video surveillance system.

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Security Camera Installation

If you are considering a security camera system for your home, property, or business space, it is important to have an understanding of the fundamentals of security camera installation. You must carefully consider the basic strategies for proper security camera placement. Read below to learn how can help you with that.

Security Camera Locations

The first step users need to make when it comes to surveillance camera installationn is where the cameras should be located. Surveillance cameras may only be necessary in the interior space of your property or you may need to mount cameras outside as well, depending on your specific monitoring needs. If you plan to have cameras mounted indoors and outdoors, you will need to ensure the camera selected are suitable for the environment where they will reside. Outdoor cameras need to be able to withstand the elements from the environment including cold temperatures, wind, rain, and snow. has the tools and knowledge to help you with the placement during the security camera installation process. Contact to learn more about key camera installation areas in your home or business.

Security Camera Power Supply

Security cameras need some kind of power to ensure continuous and reliable operation. IP or network security cameras use Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to operate. Thus, IP surveillance cameras are able to receive power and send data and video over one Ethernet cable. This type of power supply simplifies the surveillance camera installation process, reduces the amount of wiring, and assigns a unique IP address to your network surveillance camera to facilitate remote viewing on PCs with reliable and secure Internet access. Surveillance camera installation has never been easier or more convenient.

Security Camera Mounting

Security cameras should be installed in high-traffic areas of your home or business. There should be cameras mounted to cover ingress and egress (entry/exit) points of the property. As a matter of risk management, cameras should also be placed to adequately view stairways or other high liability areas. All cameras should use proper mounting accessories to ensure they are safe and secured to their location. Cameras should also be placed up high and out of reach of people, if possible. Many vandals and thieves will attempt to destroy cameras if they are within their reach.

Security Camera Installation’s expert technicians and sales representatives have decades of experience in security camera installation and configuration to help you get your surveillance system up and running. We’ve helped thousands of businesses, organizations, and homeowners install their video surveillance systems, and have designed pre-configured systems made specifically for our clients to ease the installation process. In addition, can pre-configure NVRs for plug-and-play installation, and send you the materials you need to install directly out of the box. Also note that has more experience than any other reseller of security camera systems in supporting self-installations. In other words, we’re able to anticipate potential installation issues that may arise, and have an in-house tech team to help our customers overcome any snags they come across. For large-scale enterprises or organizations that already have an IT, facilities, or security department to perform the installation, we are more than happy to work with these departments to ensure a secure system setup.

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