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Video surveillance systems deliver myriad benefits to health and social club owners such as reduced liability, improved safety, and theft protection.

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Video Surveillance for Health & Social Clubs

Health clubs and gyms are ideal candidates for video surveillance because of their continuous flow of members. At certain country clubs or exclusive gyms, perceived wealth of members can make them and their property, as well as club property, an easy target for thieves. A carefully installed video surveillance system can keep your members, staff and assets safe from theft, vandalism and violence.

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Benefits of Gym CCTV Systems

Prevent theft and vandalism – Prominently installed cameras and monitoring notices help prevent theft and vandalism to your facilities and your members’ cars.

Easy installation – Digital IP cameras are easy to install and re-configurable. You can set the cameras up where you need them and reconfigure them at any time, without professional help.

Protect members – Cameras, especially in parking lots, can protect the cars of your members and staff from break-ins.

Improve image – Video surveillance systems, along with providing top-notch security, also give a good impression on potential members and can help assure current members that they are safe at your facility.

Risks of Health Club Video Surveillance

Privacy – In order to protect the privacy of your members in staff, surveillance cameras should only be placed in public areas. Keep locker rooms and employee break rooms camera-free.

Outages – Electrical surges or power outages can damage your security system or disrupt surveillance. Although these types of damages are rare, they do happen. Make sure you have other security measures in place in case your security cameras fail.

Outdoor damage – Bad weather, stray tennis balls, and falling branches are among the things that can damage your outdoor cameras.

Configuration of Security Cameras for Workout Facilities

Gyms, health clubs and country clubs all vary in size, clientele and security needs. Consider each of the following when looking for a video surveillance system:


  • What kind of security do you currently have in place?
  • What is your most important security issue and how will security cameras help to fix it?


  • How many members belong to your gym or country club?
  • Do you have a space in a larger building or a stand-alone structure with a parking lot?


  • Do you have outdoor facilities like tennis courts, basketball courts, a playground, soccer fields, or a swimming pool?
  • Do you have indoor facilities like a weight room, cardio machines, and fitness/dance classrooms?
  • Do you have a restaurant or snack bar?


  • How many staff members do you have?
  • Do you hire seasonal staff (e.g. life guards, camp counselors)?


  • Do you host events like golf tournaments, charity events, or swim meets?
  • Do you host summer camps where non-members may participate?
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