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Video Surveillance for Gun Shops

Like any retail environment where money is exchanged, gun shops can benefit from video security, though the nature of the products sold at gun shops makes video surveillance even more important. It’s not uncommon for criminals to attempt to steal their weapons from gun retailers, and when such firepower gets in the wrong hands, problems arise. In order to prevent theft, and to protect assets as well as employees, security cameras are a vital element in gun shop security.

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Benefits of Security Cameras for Gun Dealers

Prevent theft – Theft is a huge problem in any retail environment, but when guns are involved, the problem is even worse. Not only is the shop losing assets, but stolen weapons could very easily wind up in dangerous hands. Strategically placed surveillance cameras can help to deter criminals from carrying out their plans.

Deter crime – When weapons and volatile criminals collide, the results can be deadly. Security cameras help to protect employees and customers from unsavory characters breaking into gun shops and stirring up trouble.

Criminal investigation – Surveillance footage from gun stores can prove invaluable in criminal investigations. With security cameras capturing images of each individual entering a particular gun shop, investigators have the ability to identify suspects involved in incidents occurring within the shop, or connected to outside crimes where weapons from the shop were utilized.

Continuous monitoring – IP surveillance cameras allow gun store owners to continuously monitor their shops. 24-hour surveillance footage helps to protect gun stores from burglaries after closing.

Risks of Gun Store Surveillance

Tampering – If a criminal successfully interferes with a security camera’s signal, the gun shop could be more vulnerable to acts of theft. Other security measures, such as burglar alarm systems, should be in place to make up for any lost video signals.

Configuration of Gun Shop Security Cameras

Consider some of the following factors when establishing a gun shop surveillance solution:

  • Does the gun store feature an alarm system?
  • Has the shop experienced shoplifting and theft?
  • Is the store vulnerable at night?
  • Have there been any instances of violence in or around the shop?
  • Is the gun store located in a safe neighborhood or a high-crime area?
  • How does the size and layout of the shop affect the number of security cameras required?

Gun Dealer Security Camera Setup Advice

  • Install cameras at entrances in order to provide clear views of anyone entering the shop.
  • Situate cameras at the register area in order to monitor all activity involving exchanges of money and any incidents between customers or intruders and employees. Cameras at the register can also provide clearly identifiable images of all customers making purchases or causing disruptions at the counter.
  • Monitor loading areas and restricted storage rooms to ensure only authorized workers handle the firearms.
  • Depending on the size of the gun shop, consider how many cameras will be required to provide comprehensive surveillance of all areas throughout the store.
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