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Gas stations can benefit immensely by installing security cameras at gas pumps as a tactic to prevent gasoline theft and siphoning.

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Video Surveillance for Gas Stations

Gas stations are ideal for video surveillance, because like convenience stores, gas stations are easy targets for theft. A video surveillance system can help protect your gas station from theft, vandalism and other damages.

Advantages of Security Cameras at Filling Stations

Easy to Install – Surveillance systems using IP cameras are easy to install. Unlike old-fashioned CCTV systems, all you have to do is mount the cameras - no power tools or coaxial cable necessary.

Prevent theft – A prominently displayed security camera near your register or above gas pumps can prevent theft and help you identify license plates and car types that do steal gas or carry other thieves.

Remote monitoring – Adding an NVR (network video recorder) to your security system allows you to broadcast your camera footage over the internet, making it easy to monitor multiple locations at any time from a computer or even a cell phone.

Improve image – Security cameras and an efficient security system can help reassure your customers that your gas station is safe and increase your business.

Dangers of Video Surveillance at Gas Stations

Privacy – Protect the privacy of your employees by keeping your cameras in public places like near pumps and cash registers, and out of employee break rooms and restrooms.

Accidents – Cameras near your gas pumps can be damaged by collisions or accidents between cars, or if a car runs into the pump.

Theft – Thieves sometimes target cameras in their robberies, either to make more money from the theft, or to hide their identities in an attempt to escape.

Configuration of Security Cameras at a Fueling Station

Gas station security needs can vary widely depending on a number of factors. Consider each of the following when purchasing and setting up your surveillance system:

  • What do you consider your biggest security threat?
  • What kind of security system do you currently have in place?
  • Is there anything you wish you could have caught on camera in the past year?
  • Do your neighborhood and surrounding area contribute to your security?
  • Does your location make theft easier?
    • Gas stations near freeways may experience higher theft rates due to the high numbers of cars that pass through the area
  • Do you have problems with robberies or employee theft?

Setup Advice for Gas Station Surveillance

  • Place fixed cameras near your pumps so they are able to capture license plates of each car that enters and exits.
  • Place a dome camera above your pumps in order to give a comprehensive view of your gas station.
  • Cameras mounted by your cash register and in your office can protect your employees and assets in case of a robbery.
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