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The amount of raw cash at casinos and lottery game establishments underscores the need for full-time surveillance coverage to spot suspicious activity in real-time.

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Video Surveillance for Gaming and Casinos

Video surveillance plays a pivotal role within the gaming industry. In casinos, where the threat of criminal activity is as high as the stakes at the card table, it's important that facilities are properly monitored. The flow of people and money is constant, upping the risk of incident. But with the proper surveillance such worries are stifled, and the thrill and enjoyment of the gaming experience prevails.

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How Casino Surveillance can be Beneficial

Easy installation – Since IP cameras function on a network, they're extremely flexible and can be installed almost anywhere. There's no need for coaxial cables. Simply mount cameras in the desired locations and establish a connection to the network video recorder.

Crowd control – In casinos, where large throngs of people are a constant, video surveillance can keep watch for suspicious activity, and disruptions.

Monitor suspicious players – There's always the threat of gamblers looking to beat the system through methods of cheating and hustling. Strategically placed cameras provide clear views of gaming tables, allowing the security department to closely monitor individual players.

Prevent theft – Surveillance cameras can deter crime by putting the fear-of-getting-caught into the minds of thieves, and also aid authorities in identifying criminals during investigations. Employee theft is another major concern that can be prevented with proper video surveillance.

Lower fights and violence – Large crowds, high stakes gambling, and alcohol can at times lead to testy situations. Video surveillance allows employees to quickly dispatch security workers to the scene upon detection of a tussle.

Remote monitoring – IP surveillance technology enables the security department to monitor footage and operate cameras from remote locations.

Risky Elements of Gambling CCTV

Privacy – Security cameras are accepted in public areas such as the gaming floor, bars, entrances and exits. But surveillance in private areas such as bathrooms is seen by most as a violation of privacy.

Questions to Consider when Configuring Gaming Security Cameras

Casinos have high security needs, and the proper surveillance setup is extremely important to keep a gaming facility, and its guests, safe and secure. Consider the following factors when establishing your video surveillance system:

  • What are the security risks in your facility?
  • What types of security systems do you currently have in place?
  • Is your facility well-staffed with security officers?
  • Have there been instances of cheating at the gaming tables?
  • Have there been instances of fighting in the casino?
  • Is the casino constantly busy, occupied by large masses of people?
  • Are the cashier areas carefully monitored?
  • Has stealing been an issue in the facility?
  • Are there high stakes tables that warrant special attention?
  • Have there been problems with employee theft within the facility?

Setup Advice for Video Surveillance at Casinos

  • Place cameras at entrances and exits to capture footage of all users of the facility.
  • Properly monitor open areas like the gaming floor so the security department can spot unusual activity.
  • Maintain surveillance of individual gaming tables to watch for instances of cheating and suspicious behavior.
  • Prevent theft by utilizing high surveillance in areas where large amounts of currency are exchanged or stored.
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