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Convention Security

Modern improvements in surveillance technology have made security cameras the perfect security solution for conventions and other large events. The flexibility and ease of use of wireless IP cameras can make your next event more secure than ever before.

Concert & Event Security

Video surveillance can play a significant role in maintaining order and preventing crime at concert events where large excitable crowds, and often alcohol, are present. A security staff alone can only do so much. But with the proper surveillance camera system, it's possible to keep an entire facility under safe watch, thus keeping the focus on the music while establishing a good image for the venue or music festival.

Benefits of Video Surveillance at Large Events

Here are some of the many benefits of utilizing video surveillance at your next event or convention:

Prevent theft – Prominently placed security cameras help to deter theft of guest belongings and convention materials.

Flexibility – Surveillance systems that use IP cameras can be reconfigured to meet your ever-changing needs. This feature is especially beneficial for traveling meetings and conventions. Since no venue has the exact same security needs, a flexible IP camera system allows you to bring your security with you, no matter the venue.

Crowd Control - Because large events and conventions can draw thousands of attendees, it’s necessary to have some type of crowd control measure in place. Video surveillance can help large convention staff monitor the crowds and spot potentially dangerous activity.

Ease of use - Setting up and managing a system of IP cameras is a snap. Unlike analog CCTV cameras which require power tools and technicians, all you have to do is mount the cameras and start recording.

Remote monitoring – Adding an NVR (Network Video Recorder) to your surveillance system allows you to broadcast your footage over the internet, and view footage from any of your cameras at any time. This breakthrough also allows you to expand your current security capabilities. Instead of watching monitors for hours on end, your security guards can perform more active duties like foot patrols, helping keep your event safer.

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